Female white-collar workers wear boots and skirts to prevent injuries from joints

Ben Wang Dec. 14 hearing: At the bank, you are promoted to the manager at the age of 30. Due to professional needs, high-heeled shoes and skirts are used during work. Even in the cold winter, Aimei went out to play with her friends on weekdays. She also wore boots and short skirts. Recently, before going to bed at night, she often feels a slight soreness on the knees and ankles, and sometimes it blows in the outdoor wind and the joints have a tingling sensation. "Is it arthritis?" After being reminded by her mother, she immediately went to see a doctor. After she was diagnosed by the doctor, she was already osteoarthritis.

The young is often buried under the cold

Experts said that according to rough statistics, nearly 40% of white-collar women suffer from osteoarthritis. This is very much related to the current young people love to wear high heels, boots, because wearing high heels and boots most likely to damage the knee. According to expert analysis, the cause of osteoarthritis is not completely clear, but it is mainly related to the damage of articular cartilage that covers the sliding surface of bone. As the originally smooth cartilage becomes rough and uneven, the joints cause friction and resistance and cause pain. Symptoms of osteoarthritis can vary widely. Some people only feel slight discomfort and trouble for a while. However, it is very uncomfortable for others. Painful and stiff joints make it difficult for many people to even perform simple daily activities such as daily living, walking or having a good night's sleep.

Many women blame the knee pain or injury on a mountaineering trip or a long-distance trip. In fact, "frozen feet are not a day's cold." Often there are beauty-loving women suffering from osteoarthritis after middle age. In fact, they are buried in their youth. Many women like to wear miniskirts in cold weather or in cool air-conditioned rooms in the summer, resulting in poor blood circulation in the knee joints. Some women like to wear high-heeled shoes throughout the year, and their feet are always in a forward leaning position. The knee joint is in a stretched state from day to night, which accelerates the aging of the ligaments.

Proper exercise slows arthritis

Female arthritis is actually a degenerative disease. With increasing age, it affects the knee joint mainly changes in the knee soft tissue, in fact, is a degenerative change. It's a bit like we're getting older as we get older, and the joints will have aging symptoms. Female arthritis is a degenerative disease and there is no medicine or a means to hinder the development of the disease in current medicine. If you want women to continue to develop osteoarthritis, we must take a very good life and exercise, the most critical thing is not to do some activities to increase the burden on the knee.

At this time, we must adopt appropriate exercise methods. The so-called proper exercise mode must avoid injury to the knee joints and must be exercised. Exercise not only improves the function of the knee but also improves the strength of the lower limb muscles. In this way, the damage process can be delayed, otherwise it will increase the pathological process of female osteoarthritis, and may eventually undergo artificial joint replacement surgery to improve the problem.

Prevention starts from standing posture

In order to prevent the occurrence of osteoarthrosis, we should have a correct posture in daily life, whether standing or sitting, such as keeping the lower back flat and avoiding excessive bulging of the waist; when sitting, it is best to choose a hard chair. , And the height is appropriate, but also should pay attention to the waist and the back of the chair, the location of the paste is best in the upper lumbar vertebrae, that is about 20 cm from the seat plate. For a long period of time in a fixed sitting position, the lower limbs should maintain a certain degree of flexion.

For those who need long-term bending work, the lower back should be kept flat so that gravity falls on the hip joints. When you bend over to take things, you must use a knee flexion position, that is, first hip and knee flexion, so that the back muscles of the calf relax, straighten the waist, which can reduce the weight of the back muscles. In addition, some exercises can be carried out, mainly Tai Chi, kicks, aerobics, walking, to avoid jumping, prevent cartilage damage and microfracture. If there is a meniscus injury should be repaired or sutured through arthroscopy in time, if the relevant ligament injury to be treated in time, intra-articular fractures should be anatomically reset. If there is a deformity around the joint, it is necessary to perform surgery orthopedic surgery.

OLs prepare more shoes in the office

Women’s awareness of knee protection is far less than that of cars, houses, etc. In fact, developing a healthy habit is the greatest love for the knee. Women who like to wear high-heeled shoes must change their shoes at least three times a day. They can also prepare a pair of flat shoes to wear on the way to and from work, or to wear them when they feel tired in the office. Some women work in high-end office buildings. When they eat at noon, they do not change their high-heeled shoes. They ran downstairs quickly and went to the ground floor restaurant for lunch. When they ran down the stairs, they also exacerbated the wear of the knee joints. Because the upstairs on the knee wear far less than going downstairs. When you go downstairs, not only will the weight of your body be pressed against the knees of both knees, but with vibration, the knee joints will be subjected to double wear.

- Small Links: Three Exercise Therapies

1. Strength exercises: Anti-resistance exercises can effectively improve muscle strength and stabilize joints, but care must be taken not to fatigue the muscles. The resistance must be less than the maximum muscle strength. Including isometric exercise and isotonic exercise, isometric contraction is suitable for the acute phase of osteoarthritis; isotonic contraction can improve energy metabolism, islet function, bone density, and body health, and isotonic contraction is important for rehabilitation of osteoarthritis patients. method.

2. Joint activity exercises: Joint activity exercises are usually the first step in the rehabilitation process. The main purpose is to reduce stiffness and increase the amount of joint activity to prevent soft tissue contracture. For milder pain and stiffness, you can choose to exercise before going to bed, move slowly within the comfort zone of the patient, move the joint to a final resistance, and stay at the extreme angle of joint motion for 10 to 30 seconds.

3. Aerobic exercise: refers to the physical exercise performed by the human body when oxygen is fully supplied. In other words, in the process of exercise, the human body inhales oxygen equal to the demand and achieves a physiologically balanced state. Aerobic exercise can cause a variety of physiological changes and prevent the body from aging. Including: improving the body's maximum oxygen consumption, improving islet function, regulating plasma lipoprotein composition, and lowering blood pressure. The daily exercise time is 20 to 30 minutes. Exercise 3 days a week for no more than 4 days.

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