Yi Meng to IMILI women show the spiritual charm of oriental women

IMILI brand from the fashion capital of the world - France, to develop the European style, is a symbol of taste, self-confidence and fashion. IMILI brand apparel absorbs the essence of the European fashion concept, sensitive and fast capture of international popular elements, the integration of Eastern women's temperament needs and aesthetic characteristics, pay attention to styles and colors with subtle grasp of the details and the deep perception of the structure, making IMILI Every piece of the brand's work is at the forefront of fashion, leading the fashion trend. Classic style, noble quality, fashionable style and exquisite craft are the soul of IMILI brand. We try our best to make everything perfect, more realistic and more innovative, so that IMILI has more profound cultural connotation.


Shenzhen Yi Meng to Clothing Co., Ltd located in the beautiful international garden city, the fashion capital - Shenzhen, was established in 2000, is a design, production and marketing as one of the specialized clothing enterprises. The company mainly engaged in "Yi Meng to IMILI" women's brand production, management and promotion.

The company has first-class management team and marketing team, in order to further adapt to the changing needs of the market, strengthen their management level and improve work efficiency and laid a solid foundation. The company uses intensive, targeted management, and continuously improve the quality of staff and product technology gold content, with the fastest speed and widest range of brands to enhance market competitiveness and visibility. The company has opened more than 100 "IMILI" franchised chains in the central cities of various provinces, cities and autonomous regions across the country. A blend of the latest international pop elements, for the majority of Chinese women consumers with more fashion-grade women's fashion brand, has gradually become the new darling of mature women; the company will further improve the electronic information network system, and franchisees to achieve more efficient Cooperation model and after-sale tracking service.

艺梦来IMILI女装 展现东方女性的灵性魅力

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