According to Vivey 2012 summer new conference and annual meeting will be held

Garments Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Sen Yali brand according to Viney women's 2012 summer new upcoming conference in December 2011 6 15:00 grand opening at the Holiday Inn Hangzhou Linping all day! The day the company will hold a show of dynamic clothing and the company's annual meeting in 2011.


The "IVENI" women's wear originates from Hong Kong. Its product design style is integrated into the European classical culture. It is also filled with fashion elements sublimated from European contemporary natural style, highlighting the elegance, fashion and elegance of modern women. In the use of imported fabrics is quite elegant, high art and technology, production technology skills, consistent with the popular trend, so mature women full of love life.


"Weini Ni" clothing brand positioning in ensuring the same time, will take a more affinity with the price strategy similar to you. Committed to the road to sustainable development of the brand, the rapid occupation of the national market, stores and counters for the sales channels, franchise chain and sales agents, supplemented by strategic self-support for the consumer groups positioning 28-45-year-old fashion women .

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