KELKEL children's clothing Yang Yulong: the best for children

After a pair of young couples 80, with the joy of early parenting, I deeply understand the "poor world of parents heart" is not easy, by the gratitude of their parents and unspeakable love for their children, embrace Their own strength to express the feelings of this dream, founded the KELKEL children's clothing brand. Shanghai Fashion Week KELKEL children's clothing released a dream departure In the eyes of Yang Yulong every child is the most precious treasure of parents, their smile is the source of parental happiness, hope that children can grow healthy and healthy is the wish of all parents. Because of the children's brilliant smile, because hope has always been able to guard this beautiful moment, because I hope the children and all parents are full of laughter, which is Yang Yulong brand will take the future path. KELKEL children's wear brand design team, including designers from Japan and returning from France and cutting-edge designers of Tung Wah Group of Raffles, with their imaginary sky and sky children's clothing creation, focusing on the childlike world of character creation, with the brand Story character, through the children's natural charm, showing a relaxed wearing fun. The story and color together, "a story of children's clothing can be accepted by everyone in order to make this brand go further." Yang Yulong uphold the brand of natural environment, the pursuit of a unified concept of comfort and fashion, emphasizing the care and carrying convenience. Children's clothing, which emphasizes family well-being, deserves much attention. Guest Speaker: Yang Yulong KELKEL brand director. Children's clothing brand to have the main theme Host: I saw the 2011 children's clothing industry report, the entire children's clothing industry is still a primary stage, in this situation there is what kind of opportunity in this industry? Yang Yulong: First of all, great business opportunities, through brand culture to establish their own brand better, to the international community, establish their own characteristics, opportunities will be even greater. Looking back at the story behind the scenes, many companies just did the first step and the second and third steps later did not, and we wanted to keep doing it. Including Japan's children's wear brand for decades to really maintain their children's comfort, safety and their growth process to develop the brand content, I think we should do so, of course, business is important, but really the former do a good job, after The business of course will be with you. Moderator: You give yourself a more long-term goal, not the immediate interests. Yang Yulong: Yes, if we want to release it, we may not be able to do that well for the first time. We hope that we can have a growth process. However, we must give ourselves a long-term plan that will be done in a developmental perspective so that We slowly realize that we, many children's clothing brand is the first story, children's clothing products are also very vulnerable to the impact of the story.


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