Mashing lightweight sweater show male style

This site September 6 hearing, has entered September, the temperature is declining, at this time, according to the temperature changes to mix and match a thin sweater can be said to be the most perfect choice, can help you resist the slightest chill of autumn . Look at the men wearing knit shirts and learn how to mix knit shirts to be more stylish.

Lightweight sweater, very refreshing blue, easy to use. The opening of zippers and buttons is unique

Lightweight sweater, very refreshing blue, easy to use. The opening of the zipper and the button is unique, and the shirt is worn inside. It is very suitable for wearing in the spring and autumn seasons. It is extraordinarily stylish.

College style knit cardigan with school-style striped elements

College Wind's knit cardigan, with the striped elements of the college style, looks young and energetic. The deep V-neck design mixes and matches the shirt to wear. The effect is very good. The lower body is more energetic with jeans and canvas shoes.

Smiley cardigan with a big smile on the back, simple patterns, easy to use

Smiley cardigan sweater, behind a big smile, a simple pattern, with easy. The material is light and soft and comfortable to wear. The combination of T-shirts and casual pants knocks on the benefits and makes you the focus.

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