HEFANXI He Vatican fashion women's spring and summer new Italian interpretation of the trend

Recently, He Vatican Women's Fashion released the new spring and summer 2013, brought us a full Italian fashion trend. Gather the modern international popular elements, based on the original design, its unique style of fashion, fashion cutting-edge design, the successful interpretation of a new chapter in women's clothing. To emphasize the original, pay attention to the taste of the design concept of Vatican, designed not just products, more design is the customer's needs; we not only into the fashion trend of the fashion elements, we give her more happiness and love the soul.

bamboo towel is a type of towel made out of bamboo fibres. Modern bamboo clothing is clothing made from either 100% bamboo yarn or a blend of bamboo and cotton yarn. The bamboo yarn can also be blended with other textile fibres such as hemp or even spandex. Bamboo Fiber Towels are becoming popular day by day, it is much softer than the cotton material and it is of good wet absorption. The material is from the nature bamboo, safe & comfortable for daily use. The hand feeling is very smooth & soft like silk.

What are some benefits of Bamboo Towels?

Here`s a couple:

They`re eco-friendly – A bamboo stalk can grow 3-4 feet per day making bamboo a very ecologically conscious choice. Not to mention that bamboo releases 35% more oxygen into the air than other trees.

They`re really really soft – Bamboo fabrics are known for their softness.

They`re absorbent – Another property of the bamboo fabric is that they soak up a lot of water.  In fact, they`re known for absorbing up to 4 times as much water as regular cotton towels. Unfortunately this means they`ll also take a little bit longer to dry.

They`re NATURALLY anti-microbial, anti-fungal & anti-static – This is not an added property of the fabric. Bamboo fabric has been shown to kill 70% of bacteriaeven after 50 washes. WOW! This means if you leave your damp bamboo towel in a gym locker for a while it won`t get that funky damp smell.

Bamboo Fiber Towels

Bamboo Fiber Towels

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