Love child brand children's general manager of Ms. Cheng Bihua wish you all the best New Year!

Love child Idollhome fashion brand children's wear, general manager of Ms. Cheng Bihua with the staff wish you all the best in the new year, ambitious exhibition! Fuzhou love Childrens Childrens Products Co., Ltd. is Sweden Angel Children's Products Co., Ltd. under the "Angel" brand children's clothing and dolls in mainland China's total agents. "Angels" brand was founded in Sweden in the mid-1960s, specializing in the design and production of girls' clothing and supplies, and in Europe has created a business model combining children's wear and doll design and production and sales, resulting in a huge The market and huge commercial returns, after decades of development as a well-known children's clothing and supplies brand in Sweden and Europe. Love child brand children's general manager of Ms. Cheng Bihua wish you all the best New Year! In 2004, Fuzhou Aiduoer Children's Products Co., Ltd. was authorized by Sweden Angel Children's Products Co., Ltd. to use its logo graphics, doll's cartoon characters and three-dimensional modeling in mainland China, and to produce and sell its products. After that, Angel "into the Chinese market, at the same time in order to adapt to the Chinese culture and language habits, named" Doll "dolls, registered" love child "and" Idollhome "in English and Chinese trademarks as a brand in the Chinese market . China's vast consumer market for children's products provides ample room for growth and excellent opportunities for Idollhome. As a brand from Sweden, "Love child" design by the Swedish angel children's products company design team to participate, and then by the domestic design team based on Chinese consumer spending and aesthetic habits to be adjusted. Idollhome has a wealth of experience in the domestic children's wear design team in China, and is familiar with China's children's wear market and apparel culture as well as a certain experience of living abroad. Therefore, in Idollhome's The product can always be seen in the simplicity of refined, elegant nature of the natural style of design, love Duo children clothing products not only highlights the innocent and lively side of children, but also shows a new era of children advocating nature, the pursuit of self-life the way. According to the physical and psychological characteristics of children, Idollhome products are mainly made of high-quality cotton fabrics, supplemented by some environmentally friendly materials in the international market, which are easy to wash, wear-resistant, soft, Breathable, hygroscopic, does not damage the characteristics of children's skin. In order to ensure the safety of children, Idolhome's products are strictly in accordance with the European standards throughout the production process. The products are inspected by the national quality inspection department to ensure the safety of the products. In addition, Ai Duo children's wear products in size and layout not only requires fit, comfort, and nature, but also give full consideration to children's independent ability to grow up, the product as easy as possible for children to wear off. Idollhome not only hopes to bring the fashion elements from abroad to China, but the most important thing is to put the concept of respecting and caring for children And healthy children's products to bring all parents and children, take good care of, concerned about the growth of children every day.

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