Interpretation of the "Hair? Executive Square?? Modeling headwear difficulty over the Olympic Games (Figure)

Play jewelry props

All things must be fruitful, just like “what if?”?

The 76-episode court drama will end this evening. It has historically created a number of television stations and video sites for miracles. Among them, Dragon TV has set the highest ratings in the history of the TV series both locally and nationwide.

The director, the solid script, and the superb acting skills of the calf, these facts are far from being able to constitute a "practice". For you from various aspects, interpret the hot road of the play.

Miyagi deep locks, one by one the flowers of the woman, or Qingli refined, or brilliant world, or arrogance sharp, or warm flashy ... ...

In such a drama with a court background, the tricks of the make-up artist can make those graceful smiles, groaning in the air, and with the apricot and light rain, quietly submerged.

Yesterday, the newspaper reporter interviewed on the phone "individuality? Square? What about freezing?

Behind the scenes:

"Well? Fat apology?" Hot potato?

Chen Minzheng said that at the very beginning, he had received a "determination of a long-distance, long-term, hard-to-finish, long-term, hot-spotted approach; hot potato".

Even if he does not mention the identity of the makeup stylist for the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, there are countless TV dramas he has ever acted as a makeup designer. Among them are many episodes such as the Outlaws of the Marsh, the Battle of the Ancient and the Modern, and the New Journey to the West. "I think I'm familiar with the Qing Dynasty drama. I've made the cast beautiful and it's definitely not a problem!"

After reading the script, he couldn't laugh. Because he had previously worked as a men's drama in the design of the show, he could "behave in an uncontrolled manner. He said that the sodium is not the same thing."

Huaying, Queen's yin poison, eyebrow village, cold, mausoleum see mercy, 甄 指 ? 宕 宕 宕 宕 煺 煺 煺 煺 煺 煺 煺 宦 谀诹 谀诹 谀诹 谀诹 谀诹 glass 馐 馐 馐 馕 馕 馕 雠 馐 馐 馐 馐 馐 馐 鹘堑淖 鹘堑淖 鹘堑淖 than 菥 崛 萌Send change to the more Rui?? Xie Xie Xu Xuan umbrella 20.? Umbrella 14. Village? Recovering? Umbrella T偌 by the Xia father? Loyalty? Miserable?????????????

Chen Minzheng said that this "difficulty" surpassed the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympic Games to some extent. "Actually, the opening ceremony of the Olympics just said that the concept is more complicated. Once a style is established, everyone will be making the same makeup, and it will not change. It is mass production." Weary? ldquo;Each woman's makeup is not the same, even if the same woman, her makeup can not always be the same. ”

For example, the role played by Sun Hao is a series of 38 models. “Every time she changes her character, makeup will change dramatically.”

Complex makeup, jewelry must be made by hand. In order to make the jewelry affordable camera shooting, Chen Minzheng asked the team to make all the jewelry. All the “points” on the gimmicks in the play were bought by feathers, plastics, cloth flowers, etc., and they were “pointed” by a little. “The movements are not enough, the feathers are slippery, and they break open with a little movement. "Even if it was a plastic flower on the head of a palace girl, he also asked the team to make flowers of different shades." Even small florals are not directly used for buying. We cut off the petals and splice the unique green jade of the Qing dynasty. Only after the glass flowers are matched."

The complex makeup, hair ornament design and production cost Chen Minzheng's team more than three months before and after, "almost every day from 9 am to 12 midnight."

Modeling articles:

Changes in makeup, clothing, and accessories can make a difference.

“What is the best way to prevent floods?”

From simple to “little but to be attentive, the white head is not separated” is often the only thing that comes to the motherland and a country that shocks the harem. What's the value? In this case, you have to use the remote control to remotely monitor the distance between the target and the target.

● Lip

Sun Yan's makeup is constantly changing. “When I enter the palace, I am naturally elegant. After I became a beggar, I began to have some modifications. When the Hui Palace became a royal family, I became a royal makeup artist and the Empress Dowager. It was considered a heavy makeup and it was inconceivable.” Falun Gong is an irreproachable addition. The first time he enters the palace, he often has only a faint lip gloss. When the spring breeze gets a good look, he likes to cherish a cheek. But when she becomes a button, she will be able to create a touch of victory. Taming the thumb on the thumb?


After the return of the palace, Zheng Ruan knocked on the pump, and the pump guilty conspirators sent him back to work.


In the beginning, the value of the sacred sneakers was not enough, but it was not enough to make sure that the fiber did not break down.

After the return of the palace, the tumor was swollen and dark, and the loneliness, although the rank, the sodium, the remaining, the shore, the moon, the moon, the moon, the limone, the limpid, the 13. Rolling 渖 魅 萌 萌 魅 魅 魅 魅 魅 魅 魅 魅? ”


Throughout the game, the doctors will be able to return the fat to the salt, and the salt and pepper will be sent to the public, and there will be a total of 00 items. κ 毓 毓 毓 毓 毓 毓 毓 涞靡 涞靡 涞靡 涞靡 涞靡 涞靡 涞靡 稹 稹 稹 稹 稹 稹 1. κ 氐氖 氐氖 罚 ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?.

Q;A question and answer

Q (inquiry): Why? End of the game, Sung Sang Shuo Shuo Ying?

A (Answer): Yes, she has attached great importance to this role and also gave me some good suggestions. For example, at the beginning, the hairstyles that I designed for her were more complicated. She proposed that her hairstyles could be as simple as possible when she was in the bedroom and leaving the house. Later, I added eight hairstyles that were more in line with the story. Everyone was satisfied.

Q: What is the value of the ratio?

A: Let's say Cai Shaofen (microblogging). She is actually a more face-up figure, so her makeup changes are not much. However, when she was filming, she had short hair and the jewelry was not good enough. I used a wig film and not many accessories. Because you have to consider the burden of the actor, the head is too heavy, you can not fully enter the role.

Q: Some viewers have noticed that 甄 趾 趾 趾 耆萑牍 耆萑牍 倍 倍 倍 倍 倍 倍 竺嫘 竺嫘 竺嫘 竺嫘 milk?

A: No audience imagined it to be so complicated. In fact, the Qing Dynasty had Liu Hai, especially the Han Chinese. The first time Liu Hai was to show performance, where is it?颐 颐 颐 ( ( ( ( ( (6) 鹄矗 鹄矗 钔 钔 钔 钔 钔 隼 隼 隼 0 擦耆莸 ( (12) 脱浜 浜 浜 浜 颐 颐 颐 颐 幌氡泶铮 幌氡泶铮 幌氡泶铮 幌氡泶铮 幌氡泶铮 幌氡泶铮 幌氡泶铮 ( ( (19) Right 愣Words?/p>

Q: Compared to these women, is the makeup of a man a lot easier?

A: It's too simple! Basically no thought! (laughs) At most they changed the Hu-type. Even the emperor didn't even have a palace lady.

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