Chinese freehand design luxury jewelry convey oriental charm (Figure)

The Chinese painting's painting style is ideal for freehand brushwork. Even with only one color, it can show indifferent oriental aesthetic philosophy through changes in shades and weights. The beauty of Chinese painting is used in jewelry design. At the same time, it is full of oriental flavor. At the same time, various jewellery brands have created a lot of unique oriental aesthetic tastes for the excavation and interpretation of oriental culture.

Gemstones painted on flowers

LéonHatot Peony Necklace

The blossoming of flowers is a traditional theme in Chinese paintings. It is also often used for high-grade jewelry. The unique peony and lotus in Chinese paintings are also the symbols of Chinese traditional culture. The peony necklace of Léon Hatot draws on the peony painting method. Imitate naturalistic painting techniques, detailed the contours of the complex and delicate petal, and make every effort to fine-tune. With platinum, diamonds, sapphire, pink sapphires, and layers of petals, the flourishing flourishing life is flourishing. Anna Hu's red lotus necklace is obviously influenced by Zhang Daqian's famous "Red Lotus", with titanium inlaid light pink to rich pink diamonds, white and silver-gray diamonds, emeralds, chaffi stones, rubies, etc. Rare precious stones, like Zhang Daqin's freehand brushwork, are elegant and elegant.

Cai Bao wears oriental feelings

Graff Scroll Series Necklace Switch Atlas Mode >

Graff's Scroll jewelry is inspired by Chinese scrolls, and the swirling lines give rise to the red ribbons. At the time of reading, the scrolls slowly unfold in the middle of the ring. The literati's book is in magnificent diamonds, rubies, sapphires, and grandmothers. Green is looming. The old scroll will eventually become yellowish and chapped. However, among the gleaming jewels, it is not only the lines of the scroll, but also a longing for and fascination with the East.

Chinese Zen Immersion Jewelry

Baerjewels Chinese Ink Series Ring Switch Atlas Mode >

Since the 1978 embarked on Hong Kong land for more than 30 years, the Baers have continuously sought jewellery creation in the profound traditional culture of the East. Chinese Ink jewels allow people to play Capricorn and walk inward. The rough and freehand texture is similar to Miyun Yun's “Yunshan Map” in the Northern Song Dynasty. The brushstrokes are near the distant mountains of water. If it wasn’t the ink strokes of Chinese painting that touched Peter Baer’s heart, how could it be? Mocui cut the mosaic in this unique way. The border of platinum is like the unfolding scroll. The freehand brushwork spreads out and the texture of Mocui is like a dream. It seems that if the light clouds go out of the peaks, the trees will leave behind the silhouette of the dragonfly. Whisper in the fog.

The deity of Chinese ink and wash

Lan Jewellery's "Some Good Water" Theme Works Switching Atlas Mode >

This brooch of Lan Jewellery more typically embodies the shape and deities of Chinese ink paintings. Instead of using brushes and rice paper to interpret the yin and yang of heaven and earth, the black and white diamonds are staggered and arranged in an intricate arrangement. The trust consists of black gold and platinum, intertwined with each other, as the five elements of the Eastern philosophy alternate, with each other. The quiet, peaceful, round turn of Chinese ink painting has been most vividly illustrated in this piece of jewelry.

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