Warm congratulations on the "offside" juvenile Guangzhou grand opening

January 1, 2010, "offside" sportswear in Guangzhou "Grandview Mall Shopping Center" opened a self-service store, has now begun trial operation. During the opening, the company prepared for everyone wonderful promotions, then, consumers are welcome to buy. Offside will provide everyone a pleasant shopping environment, Paul happy to you, satisfied with. In order to do a good job during the opening of promotional activities, the company prepared for the shop exquisite goods, in order to facilitate the success of the promotion during the opening. These products are the latest fashion sports and leisure wear in 2009, including T-shirts, jackets, trousers, dresses, sweaters, cotton suits, down jackets, jeans, sportswear ... These goods on the shelves added a strong fashion store Sporty atmosphere. In addition, the company also commissioned a professional staff to the store, its clerks in all aspects of professional knowledge training and guidance. The staff patiently explained us everyone's praise. Guangzhou City, enough to show offside Clothing Co., Ltd. customer service attitude. I believe the opening of the store will bring consumers more surprises and surprises, but also allow consumers to learn more about "offside" sportswear, brand power gives you a different feeling, I hope "offside" movement Equipment will always be the ideal life partner in the minds of consumers.

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