PRADA uniforms for the Shanghai World Expo Italy Pavilion

Italy Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo general manager 贝良米诺昆 Diego Lane here disclosed here today, the world's top sports cars, famous fashion, Italian famous paintings and other luxury goods will be paved the Italian National Pavilion during next year's Expo.贝良米诺昆 Diego revealed that the world's top sports car Aesop Follaini classic models, the latest Ferrari sports car will be unveiled in the Italian Pavilion. PRADA 09 autumn and winter fashion world famous Italian fashion, especially the world famous fashion capital of Milan brings together many international luxury fashion brands. In a six-month exhibition, the Italian Pavilion will host fashion shows of world-renowned fashion brands such as D & G, Prada, Armani and Versace. Among them, PRADA designed a special dress for the Italian Pavilion. As a representative of the Renaissance, Italy has Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael and other masters of art. Benjamin Quin Diego said there will be a heavyweight Italian painting to join the Italian Pavilion.

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