Fashion winter with 2018 so wear

The cold is still going on. Tomorrow is 2018! With the advent of 2018, many mothers and mothers took their baby to the children's clothing store to pick new clothes. They wanted to have a handsome new image of the boys in the new year. Can you miss this trendy winter season? , style and temperature perfect blend, take a look!

"" gentleman suit jacket

Gentleman and elegant suit jacket, handsome version of the baby to wear on the body a little more unique charm, if the parents feel normal suit jacket is not warm enough, you can choose velvet material or cotton jacket with a material, with a neat Denim trousers or casual pants, wherever you go is the focus!

Velvet burgundy jacket, showing good skin color, looks very gentleman!

Take a light blue shirt and tie it with a scarf. Cool hair adds a lot of fashion value!

This type of recessed, minute-by-minute spikes of small girls who come face to face ~

In less cold weather, matching a thin suit jacket is also a good choice!

"" coat

The warmth of the coat certainly needs to be said. The most important thing is that every year in the winter, there is no trace of the coat. Warm materials, classic wild styles, are the coat of choice for most people!

Your coat, collared by a lambskin sweater, is contrasted by a distinctive white and dark blue and is full of layers.

Horn buckle classic camel jacket once again dazzled the wind, you want to seize the trend you quickly gave the baby to prepare a!

Low-key wild gray coat gives people a feeling of calm and leisure, it is suitable for playing out on weekdays!

》Jacket jacket

Jacket jacket always wears a handsome street fan in the male baby body. Whether it is a baseball jacket or a black classic leather jacket, with a pair of personalized black sunglasses, it can show off the charming baby street style!

Personality pattern baseball jacket jacket, with a pair of jeans, this powerful gas field can not be ignored.

Simple jacket with sweater, denim pants and comfortable boots, there are models!

Material mosaic black leather jacket, one of the most popular dress is to tie a plaid shirt at the waist, double the street fan!

General leather jacket jacket will choose to match casual trousers or jeans, both stylish and no lack of sense of leisure, wind leather jacket is also welcomed by many male baby!

Plaid shirts are also good choices, jeans are the highlights of the hole.

""Cotton Jacket

The warm and comfortable cotton jacket is wild and durable, and the classic denim shirt or ordinary shirt is a good match. If necessary, a stylish scarf will be added to the fashion value.

Camouflage pattern scarf personality handsome, dark colors lined with baby's skin.

A retro round cap cleverly fits in with casual outfits, far from being the focus!


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