She's nephew prepares Cashmere cashmere scarf that you can use for a lifetime

It is Napoleon's gift to his wife Josephine. It is produced on a mountain 5,000 feet above sea level. With its precious and rare characteristics, it is known as the "soft gold" in the fiber . It is soft, breathable and light in texture. It is a fabric. The most advanced cashmere cashmere.

European favorite of wealthy businessmen

According to legend, Napoleon's East Asia brought a Cashmere shawl from Asia to his beloved wife, Josephine. Since then, Josephine has always loved cashmere shawls. He has also collected hundreds of cashmere shawls of various kinds and momentarily European noblemen. After striving to imitate it, cashmere has also become a fashion gift among the nobles of the time.

Not all wool can be called cashmere

Wool refers to hair that has been cut directly from sheep. Cashmere is the soft hair of goat hairy roots when it comes to winter to resist cold . Is a rare special animal fiber. The shepherd will use a special comb to gently comb cashmere off in the spring and summer .

Cashmere, a transliteration of the word Kashmir, (Kashmir , Northern India) After British colonial India in 1757, the distribution of cashmere goats was discovered in Kashmir, which was historically the distribution center for cashmere to Europe.

In fact, the birthplace of cashmere goats is China's Tibet, and it mainly lives in the Himalayas at an altitude of 15,000 feet above sea level. The more high and cold places, the better the quality of wool produced. At present, the world's largest cashmere producing area is Inner Mongolia, China, and its quality is better than other countries.

Low yield of "soft gold"

Cashmere cashmere in the transaction in grams, the reason is very precious, not only because of the production of scarce (only 0.2% of the world's total output of animal fibers) is more important is its excellent quality and characteristics: the warmth of cashmere is ordinary wool 8 times, its comfort and warmth is also unmatched by any current textile material, and therefore it is also called "soft gold".

Warm Thanksgiving, She's recommended for you a few Cashmere cashmere scarf that can last a lifetime.


(Watercolor floral cashmere scarf, Thanksgiving price of 1792)

The flowers of the big flower bloom on the soft cashmere. The light and warm material is as soft and smooth as Baby skin, and the watercolor lines depict the flowers and fragrances, letting you gather elegance and romance.


The handmade platen print sketch butterfly is fresh and elegant. The super soft handcraft seems to make the skin full of love. It is the first gift to send love. White skin, elegant coffee, fresh lemon yellow, light texture to upgrade the sense of value.

(Romance butterfly cashmere scarf, Thanksgiving price 1652)


Rose is an eternal romantic theme, adding looming light colors, let the skin also enjoy a delicate warm love. Like the unique rose in the heart of the little prince, it brought preciousness and touch to all lovers of the world.

(A rose cashmere scarf, Thanksgiving price of 1652)

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