Wool back to outdoor clothing environmental protection and cost is the focus

Nearly 30 years, outdoor sports enthusiasts are wearing a chemical fiber fabric clothing. Nowadays, more and more outdoor product makers are trying to use environmentally friendly wool in outdoor product making. This time around, many outdoor production companies have made merino wool signboards that are finer, lighter and feel better than regular wool. "There is a dramatic increase in consumer demand for outdoor sportswear made of wool." Chris Hirsch of Paragon Sports, a major sporting goods retailer in New York, said major manufacturers are now racing to buy merino wool because Outdoor clothing made from Merino wool can be worn with jeans, slacks, or skirts and looks stylish. At present, 50% of all kinds of sports underwear are made of wool. Wool outdoor clothing for a long time to avoid clothing odor. This is very useful because outdoor enthusiasts often wear the same clothes for several days. "When I was wearing garments made from synthetic materials for five consecutive days, I could smell bursts of clothing, and when I was wearing wool-like outdoor clothing for 10 days, the clothes were still odorless, and I myself The clothes are more stinky, "said Jack Jefferson. He owns and operates several outdoor hunting camps in Wasilla and Alaska. Environmental protection is another focus of outdoor sports enthusiasts, wool fabric supporters believe that wool is more environmentally friendly than synthetic materials. Jerry Mu, founder and chief executive of the icebreaker company, said chemical fiber garments need to extract raw materials from the oil and go through a variety of chemical processes, without the woolen product having any environmental impact. 80s of last century, wool or outdoor sports enthusiasts are the preferred fabric. The emergence of synthetic fabrics changed the situation, because outdoor fabrics made of synthetic fabrics is not only not easy to wrinkle, but also has a good perspiration function. In addition, synthetic fabric clothing can be quick-drying. Six years ago, merino wool began to enter the market. According to the retailers, the sales of Merino woolen outdoor products were initially in trouble, as most outdoor enthusiasts think wearing Merino wool clothes is uncomfortable. However, with the gradual enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection and the continuous improvement of the performance of wool outdoor products, sales have shown a tendency to pick up. High cost of wool clothing is an important factor restricting its development. According to statistics, the outdoor clothing made of merino wool is 30% -50% higher than the cost of using chemical fiber clothing. Patagonia, for example, uses under $ 40 for underwear made of chemical fiber, while underwear for Merino wool in the same series costs as much as $ 90.

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