Hangzhou women, is suffering from the test shop

Hangzhou women's clothing, is suffering from storm from the shop website, and the approximate name of the southern commoner 147 shops, there are hundreds of shops in the sale of the name "Jiangnan commoner" clothes. From last year, Jiangnan commoner to find the relevant regulatory authorities Taobao, made the request online sellers to sell fake clean-up. This summer, Jiangnan commoner, three colors, cocoa and other Hangzhou women's boss also organized under the relevant departments to communicate on the trademark infringement shop. Sales performance has been good in South China commoner, in the country with more than 500 counters and stores, overseas more than 10 stores all over the United States, Japan, Thailand, Russia, its Red Square in Moscow near a 200 square meters of stores, Although the high price is still business is booming. It is precisely because of high brand awareness, product sales, many network owners played a brand idea, some similar Jiangnan commoner shop and the sale of counterfeit shop began to emerge. Jiangnan commoner network crackdown began last year. "Shoppers use our popularity to do business, the impact of sales of normal physical stores." Small Choi said. The production of autumn Iraqi people, COCOON, FIRSTVIEW and other brands of the impression that the industry in the past year in handing over to produce a beautiful report card: sales, sales outlets, staff salaries compared with last year both substantial growth and is brewing market , But businesses are also affected by the online store. "We set up a special department responsible for the network of anti-counterfeiting, every month to end the sale of several fake online store, but an endless stream of counterfeit products, for which we have consumed a lot of manpower and material resources." General Manager Cui Jian said. Hangzhou women's start is not easy, and now hundreds of millions of living executives in a few years ago by a few sewing machines started. Dunli Fu, general manager of female diary recalls: "After graduating from school, there is not much capital costs to start a business, from hiring people to start workers, hire high cost, on their own from the market to carry fabric back to workshop. In order to rush to work is often from morning Has been busy until the early morning, and sometimes even a day down to eat a meal, which only the hardships of their own experience! "Today, Hangzhou famous women at home and abroad, manufacturers voted a lot of money (including advertising, promotion, business staff's best Promotion, etc.), the product has been recognized by the majority of consumers, has become a best-selling brand, but the network sales have more and more affected the subsequent development of Hangzhou women's real economy. "Any one brand products are invested a lot in the early stage, rely on this product later to earn money, so as to keep the business innovation.Non-branded authorized shop impact the interests of enterprises, the development of women in Hangzhou will form a fatal blow." Hangzhou San Cai Women's general manager Ding Wujie said.

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