High fashion hinterland fashion fans once again worship (Figure)

Haute Couture, is the highest honor of fashion. Now this glory has gradually become a legend, becoming something towering in history and disappearing in reality. The recent book by Backstage Dior (teNeues Press, November 15, 2009, first edition) by the well-known fashion photographer Roxanne Lowit can be described as high fashion Immortal witness. John Galliano has been in the Dior for more than ten years and has been able to sit tight for this power, in addition to extraordinary talent and taste, as well as his leadership creativity, through the very idea of ​​the fashion show, re-establishing the brand's traditional belief. All along, Galliano Dior fashion show planning also with a strong visual effects, both in modeling, make-up, hairstyles and the venue for the venue, have spent a lot of thought. Unlimited creativity brings a hit like a high fashion art-like, brought us numerous surprises and shocks. Galliano like the style is a strong visual impact, vivid color contrast and very stylized interpretation of the model. These are arguably the quintessential Haute Couture styles that today are almost impossible to find. Roxana Rover through the close of their own point of view, in-depth behind the curtain plans Galliano Dior fashion show one by one, to lead you a glimpse of this colorful world. With a strong shooting style and realistic style, showing the most exciting scene in a hastily fashion world and those unknown moments charming. Well-known fashion editor Suzy Menkes and Galliano personally write the order for the book. One after another strong color images, alternating with each other in the book, showing the curtain makes people smile, shocking scenes, so that readers review the precious fashion moment. This book is not only a tribute to the history of fashion Dior and Galliano, but also in the declining fashion of today, fashion is also a fan of worship.

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