White-collar workers keen online "shopping" international big names

End of each year, Christmas, New Year's Day and other holidays followed, major shopping malls and shopping sites have introduced various types of discounts promotions, followed by the netizen consumer enthusiasm is also very compelling. According to iResearch forecast, combined with the rapid growth of the online shopping market in the first three quarters and the fourth quarter festivals, the online transaction size in 2009 is expected to exceed 2400 billion yuan. Recently, the author learned from the well-known e-commerce website pat network that since December, the sales of all kinds of Christmas-related products on the internet have risen rapidly. The overall transaction volume has increased by 400% over the same period of last year. Especially in the beginning of this month pat network launched the "Christmas big purchase" and "perfect Christmas Raiders" and other theme of the sales promotion unusually hot, such as Estee Lauder, Clinique, KOSE and other cosmetic packages, as well as Sony, Panasonic and other genuine digital products are subject to Friends of the hot pursuit. White-collar workers keen on the Internet, "shopping" international big, cost-effective Super Hong Kong every Christmas is Hong Kong once a year the biggest discount period, this time the basic shopping malls in Hong Kong will launch a full range of discounts, attracting many young white-collar workers go crazy Shopping However, since there are online overseas purchasing agencies, many white-collar workers are now turning their hearts to homes or offices during the Christmas holidays. With a few clicks of the mouse, it is easy to get a big name from overseas and save a lot of travel expenses to Hong Kong. Patting network public relations manager Yang Sha told the author that "the Christmas approaching, nearly a month online users choose overseas shopping enthusiasm is also rising, all kinds of high-end cosmetics, women's brand, exquisite jewelry, especially by young white-collar women welcome, In addition, like mobile phones, men's clothing, sports and digital products in the pat network are very hot recently. "She told the author, nearly two days in the pat network" Christmas New Year Happy Inn "theme activities, 200 yuan to send 100 yuan vouchers substantial concessions, attracted a lot of friends come buy. Clinique value of two sets of counter price of about 1,200 yuan, pat network Christmas special price for only 599 yuan, attracting many users snapped up in Beijing to work white-collar workers Lydia broke the news to the author, she last week in the pat on the Internet to see the big crazy "After the special sales, I found the price is too cost-effective, and finally could not help but crazy" lost "one. "This Clinique premium two sets, pat net purchase price was sold for 599 yuan, half cheaper than the counter, there is a Estee Lauder perfume set, the price is only 518 yuan. I'll buy two sets, this ratio Lydia excitedly told the author, "Even better, save the ticket money enough for me to go" defeat "a few big names!" Then landed pat network Christmas promotion Session, found that all over the world big-name merchandise, not only the full range, but the price is basically cheaper than the mall counters about 30% -50%. For example, the United States station has Europe and the United States the most popular UGG classic short paragraph boots boots, the price is only 1322 yuan; there is limited edition Princess Bailey sexy holiday makeup cosmetics and other brand cosmetics, but also particularly eye-catching; South Korea station has been popular with big fans LGGD310 Ice cream second-generation mobile phones, etc .; In addition there are British genuine Burberry leather boots, imported from Germany Oshadhi tea tree oil, France Lancome Dream charm body fragrance set travel equipment, have been many white-collar "shopping race" fanatical pursuit. It seems that major sites have introduced Christmas shopping discounts, so that even if those who do not book tickets and work in a tight state of white-collar family, enjoy more than go to Hong Kong more value than the "crazy shopping" approach. Thermal underwear, Christmas snow boots and other "warm" products pat network continuous sales from the pat network was informed that in the pat network launched all kinds of Christmas promotional activities, thermal underwear, Christmas snow boots, scarves, hats, Cotton slippers and other seasonal warm products are still welcomed by a large number of users, and sales continued to grow, in particular, sections of the hot and cold thermal underwear sold special fire, the basic daily sales are ranked top pat list of hot products list. I patted the net input "thermal underwear" to search, found a total of 20185 products. These cold thermal underwear from the brand, style and variety of colors, ranging from more than a dozen yuan hundred dollars, not only more than the types of shopping malls more complete, and the price is also much cheaper.

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