Sun quilt can not be beaten

First of all, not all quilts can be directly exposed to the sun, quilts can be directly exposed to the sun, while duvets, wool quilts, silk quilts are most likely to be exposed to the sun, placed in a ventilated place such as a balcony It can be done in an hour, mainly to remove the moisture.

Secondly, the quilt of chemical fiber fabric or mixed fiber fabric should not be exposed to sunlight, because chemical fiber will release chemical substances when it is exposed to high temperature for a long time, which is harmful to human health.

Finally, the sunken quilt should not be beaten, because, for example, cotton quilts, cotton fiber is thick and short, the fiber is easy to break, and the force will beat the fiber into cotton dust, the quilt will sleep more and thinner. Let’s talk about the synthesis. Fibers and synthetic fibers are generally thin and long, but they are easily deformed. Once the fibers are stretched, they are not easily restored, and they become a piece of the board.

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