For your health, please choose a good bed.

Comfortable, environmentally friendly, natural and perfect life begins with the sleep revolution –

In a person's life, sleep accounts for about one-third of the time. Thus, the importance of sleep cannot be ignored. And a good bed is definitely a necessity to ensure the quality of sleep.

Nowadays, bagged independent spring beds, pure latex beds, beds containing horse hair, etc., more and more high-tech beds, give people a richer choice. But medical experts have repeatedly reminded consumers that a soft or hard bed can affect sleep quality.

If you wake up and find back pain, then you should pay attention, it is likely that the bed that has been sleeping for a few years is no longer suitable for you, maybe your mattress is good, but the bed is not scientific enough. The German femira bed with more than 90 years of experience in the manufacture of soft furniture has unique technology in the support system. The bed uses elastic support bars as the support for the mattress, which reduces the placement area of ​​the mattress and adds ventilation to the bed. The hole increases the ventilation and ventilation effect of the mattress. Its unique "elastic arc-shaped support strip" is elastic, and a single support strip can support a weight of 15-20 kg. The quality is higher than the traditional "rib rib" frame; and the harmful substances are completely removed by high temperature and high pressure. As experts say, only a good mattress is not enough. It can only be combined with a suitable bed frame to fully support and rest the body.

Representative brand: femira of Willer, Germany

Product Highlights: In addition to the professional spring mattress manufacturing technology, femira recently launched the Sun-dance sunflower oil mattress, which uses the core raw material of natural vegetable oil extracted from sunflower. Its main components are unsaturated fatty acids, linoleic acid, palmitic acid and vitamin E, folic acid, iron, potassium, zinc and other essential nutrients, which are easy for the body to absorb and use, and can also play a role in calming the nerves.

This sunflower oil latex mattress is highly breathable and has excellent humidity control function, which enables it to effectively manage body fluids and has a high moisture absorption capacity.

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Story: The femira bed has been in existence for more than 90 years, and its founder, Gottlob Gussmann, decided to start his soft bed manufacturing career at the earliest. His biggest hope is that people understand the importance of scientific sleep and realize that sleep and health are closely related. More than a decade ago, Willer was founded, dedicated to German software furniture agents. The founder of the company, Miss Gao, is a person who pays great attention to the quality of life. During her work in Germany, she has a special liking for femira's bedding. In the end, she introduced the concept of femira “scientific sleep, healthy sleep” to China. This edition / Wang Sifei

Demystifying the cold market selling in the emerging era

The 54-year-old brand, known as the “Republican” architect's enterprise – China's emerging construction, constitutes an unstoppable brand background in the emerging era. It is reported that the emerging era is the first project of Beijing Xinxing Jianye, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Xinjian Construction, which was independently developed in Beijing. Emerging times are located at the intersection of West Fourth Ring Road and Lianshi West Road, close to Wukesong subway station, baseball stadium, basketball hall, and the strong industrial chain after 2008, which makes people foresee the high prospects of the emerging era. In addition, in the emerging era, we have mature living facilities, enjoy high-quality resources such as Wukesong Culture and Sports Center, and build new homes to create a livable modern community for Jingxi people. The emerging phenomenon that moves against the market in December is the market's trust in emerging construction brands and a deep recognition of the quality of the emerging era. It is reported that this internationalized humanities community has recently opened, launching the first batch of 60m2-185m2 main units. The emerging era is an exploration of emerging real estate, and it is also a fulfillment of the dream of living in Beijing. Text/advertising

Opening a hot sale 112 sets of Guohai apartment to shape the new landmark of West Chang'an Street

Since the opening on December 1, more than a day, Guohai Apartment has achieved the subscription of 112 houses. Why is Guohai Apartment so popular in the downturn of the Beijing property market? The person in charge of the project said: "From the perspective of space, the status of Chang'an Street 'Guomai' and the scarcity of available land for development make Guohai Plaza unique and unrepeatable; from time to time, Beijing Municipal Government Third Ring The introduction of the land restriction policy has further restricted the land development in Chang'an Street, making the scarcity of Chang'an Street more prominent. However, the trend of the west of Chang'an Street property is becoming more and more obvious when the eastern business facilities are saturated. It is not surprising that Guohai Square has been sought after by the above reasons.

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