Spanish fashion brand "MYMOMENT" 08 spring and summer new products

"MYMOMENT" my moment, my wonderful!
“MYMOMENT” is a Spanish fashion brand; “MYMOMENT” means “My Moment, My Moment” in Chinese. This is the unique personality of “MYMOMENT” brand. It promotes confident women with individuality. Life concept.
"MYMOMENT" brand takes the mature female fashion family as the consumer object. Most of its garments use imported natural fabrics and high-tech fabrics with unique craftsmanship. They are mixed in a variety of styles for design. They are simple, elegant, stylish and not publicized. They are a representative of young people. An international women's brand with unique fashion, personality and taste.

The “MYMOMENT” consumer group is mainly directed at fashion women aged around 23-40, showing women's elegance and fashion charm. MYMOMENT's design concept perfectly combines the essence of Eastern and Western cultures, combining European costume elements with the aesthetic concept of Chinese women, and using the details of the costume to portray the inner world of a perfect woman. Both clothing has a sense of generosity at work and leisure time. Unrestrained.
Sincerely with you to create a new era of "MYMOMENT" fashion.


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