Wang Limin: How did Erdos Women rise?

“Ordos is also a women's clothing?” In the CHIC 2008 Fashion Women's Hall, the Ordos brand welcomed a group of customers. Erdos women's clothing was listed on the market from 2006 to today, attracting many new and old customers. How was Erdos Women's Wear born? What route does it take?

Interview with Wang Limin, General Manager of Erdos Women's Wear Company

“Ordos is also a women's clothing?” In the CHIC 2008 Fashion Women's Hall, the Ordos brand welcomed a group of customers. Erdos women's clothing was listed on the market from 2006 to today, attracting many new and old customers. How was Erdos Women's Wear born? What route does it take? To this end, reporters interviewed Mr. Wang Limin, general manager of the Ordos Ladies' Wear Company.

Reporter: The listing of Erdos women's clothing has caused great repercussions, but in many people's inherent impressions, Erdos has always been doing cashmere and men's clothing. Please introduce the Ordos women's brand.

Wang Limin: Ordos Women's Wear is another major measure for the development of the Ordos Group's brand. It is invested and controlled by Shanghai Ordos Garments Co., Ltd. and established Beijing Erdos San Furrey Fashion Co., Ltd. to engage in the design, production and sales of Erdos women's clothing. Since Ordos Group's heavy investment in the creation of women's clothing brands in 2006, Beijing Ordos Saint-Fresiers Fashion Co., Ltd. has implemented a brand strategy based on market demand. The brand is positioned in elegant, intelligent, white-collar females aged 30-40 years old, in mid-to-premium prices, and occupations. Casual style. After more than two years of strategic adjustment, Erdos Women's Clothing has achieved the goal of doubling its sales each year under the guidance of the Group's big clothing strategy. A new brand can accomplish the goal that many brands can achieve in a short period of time, even years or more, relying on the strength accumulated by the Ordos brand and the support of the group's strength.

Reporter: After two years of development, it takes 5-10 years for the general brand to complete the business process. It is truly surprising. Apart from the reasons that “the foundation is good and the starting point is high”, there are Other reasons from the perspective of business operations. What?

Wang Limin: That is of course. Accurately understanding consumer demand is the first step. Doing well the product is the second step, and finally doing the brand is the key to the success of the third step. In terms of brand connotation shaping, Ordos Women's Clothing is making efforts to create an elegant quality of life for Chinese urban intellectual women and provide consumers with premium value enjoyment from both the material and spiritual aspects. To achieve these concepts, the excellent team of designers and the professional management elite are the two pillars.

Reporter: Can you specifically talk about your strategy in building a team of designers?

Wang Limin: We have a large number of excellent domestic and international fashion designers. We will integrate the latest fashion trends and design details into the seasonal clothing. The company focused on creating a cooperation model of “famous products + famous teachers”. In 2007, Wang Hongying, the famous top fashion designer in China, was hired as the director of design for women's products in Ordos. Wang Hongying has won the top ten designers of Chinese clothing. He once served as a director of design for many well-known women's brands, and won many awards in the fashion industry. He has strong control over product development and positioning.

Product design can not only determine the form of a single product, but begin to change the business processes and brand culture of many companies. After all, every single extra effort and effort in product design creativity means a possibility of detonation. It all means the possibility of a classic birth, followed by wealth. Ordos signed a 10-year cooperation agreement with the China Designers Association. Each year, the new season's work will be presented on the stage of China International Fashion Week.

Reporter: From cashmere to men's clothing and women's clothing, what are the differences in channel construction?

Wang Limin: Actually, the channel construction of garment enterprises is not difficult, as long as the company clearly defines its own business strategy, analyzes the internal and external environment, and starts from the status of its own resources and external competition. Through the combination of strategy and resources, it selects the right conditions for the enterprise. The types of channels, and the selection criteria for each channel member, to ensure the stability and smoothness of sales channels. For enterprises, the sales channel is a strategic resource, not a tactical resource. It requires the enterprise to carry out detailed planning in the early stage of construction. When it is built, it will be strictly implemented according to the plan, and it will be managed and serviced in a timely manner after construction so that the sales channel can be ensured. Perfect cooperation with the company.

Since last year, Women’s Corporation has laid a solid foundation for all major markets, so it chose the franchise business model to quickly enter the market from the very beginning. It can be said that the scientific channel planning and design will provide effective protection for the terminal installation in Ordos. This will help Ordos Women's Wear concentrate all resources to upgrade the reputation of Ordos women's clothing so as to lay a solid foundation for its strategic vision and create Ordos Women's Wear. The terminal strategy concept of "Building a multi-category living museum for women" was proposed.

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