Intimate contact with the sofa is a fine work

Intimate contact with the sofa is a fine work

When you come home one day, your FURNITURE is full of gorgeous Victorian style or elegant French neoclassical style. It may not be important. What is important is whether it can bring comfort to the extreme and relax your day's exhaustion. That is what we want to promote, furniture, and comfort is the most important function. Among the many furniture, the most intimate contact with our body is undoubtedly the sofa.

●Select the sofa, the most important fit with the body

When buying a sofa, consumers often care about choosing the favorite style, and the longer they stay on the sofa, the more problems there are. The more they sit on the sofa, the more they fall, or the other is not sitting. Feel comfortable, but it will be tired if you take a long time. What is the most important thing to choose a sofa? Wang Lanping, manager of Beijing Super Comfort International Home Planning Department, said that the most important thing about the sofa is comfort. Although the functional sofa has added various functions such as lying, shaking, massage, etc., these functions are for the comfort of the body. The most important function of the sofa is Let the body feel comfortable, sit up and feel that every part of the sofa can be perfectly matched with the body. The fit of the sofa to the human body depends on the structure and filling of the sofa. In general, the structure of each sofa is similar, the wooden frame is used to form the basic support structure of the sofa, therefore, the difference between the material and the filling method of the filler is largely formed by different sofas. Different "sitting feelings". A humanized design sofa not only chooses the filler that is harmless to the body, but also considers the density and hardness of the filler, and the amount of filling in different parts of the sofa. When you sit on it, the human body Each part of the body receives support from the sofa, just like the feeling of being held steady by both hands. Only in this way, people can sit on the sofa to get full relaxation and rest.

●Selective function sofa

In our impression, the home designer is helping to choose furniture and accessories when they follow the design style. In fact, the chief designer of the industry peak, Wang Jiabin, said that the selection of furniture and accessories is from home design. At the beginning, it was included in the design, so as to ensure the overall design style, and more to ensure that each piece of furniture and accessories can really play its function.

When it comes to choosing a sofa, Wang Jiabin said that just like interior design, its functionality is the preferred factor, followed by economy and aesthetics. The understanding of the function of the sofa can not be limited to the use of the "functional sofa" in the market. The fabric of the sofa, the material of the sofa, the color of the sofa, etc. should be included in the scope of function. These projects have different requirements for different groups of people, different ages, different occupations and different living habits. For example, the elderly, their demand for function should be convenient, the material should not be too soft, this will directly affect the activities of the elderly; for those who have more social activities, should choose a flexible sofa, the fabric should not be too soft Such a sofa is easy to mess, causing unnecessary embarrassment to both the owner and the guest. For color, people usually define it as an aesthetic element, but color can also reflect weight, time, and density. It can also create different comforts and even affect the relative humidity in the room. Therefore, when choosing a sofa, we are more than From the perspective of the angle, choose a "functional sofa" that best meets your needs.

●Material affects the comfort of the sofa

Usually, people think that the leather sofa is not comfortable enough, not only is it hard to sit on, but also has the problem of "hot winter and hot summer". But in fact, choosing a sofa with better leather not only guarantees the quality of the sofa, but also the breathability of high-quality leather can solve the dilemma of "hot winter and hot summer".

The general fabric sofa jacket has a removable and washable function to ensure cleanliness. However, repeated cleaning of the outer casing can easily cause deformation of the sofa, which not only shortens the service life of the sofa, but also affects the comfort of the sofa. In this regard, there is a special fabric to solve this problem, Super Comfort International Home Jinyuan store manager Jia Di said that its unique fabric adhesive treatment, so that the back of the fabric is much less dense than the front, which makes dust and dirt Can not enter the inside of the sofa, if you want to remove dust and dirt, just scrub the surface of the sofa with a damp cloth, which is convenient and quick. This not only eliminates the trouble of washing and unloading, but also prolongs the service life of the sofa and ensures the comfort of the sofa.

●The function of the domestic function sofa is not bad.

At present, most of the functional sofas recognized by consumers in the market are imported products, and many domestic brands also produce functional sofas. What choices should consumers make when facing domestic and foreign brands?

Zhu Changling, vice chairman of the China Furniture Association, said that consumers compare product quality and technology to imported and domestic products. We recognize the high-tech content of imported products, but most domestic brands are also passing the quality and technology to meet the daily needs of the public. Demand for consumption. Some low-end, low-quality products still exist, but they have gradually lost the environment for survival, so consumers should still build consumer confidence in domestic brands. In addition, in the current home furnishing industry, the concept of “original import” has been gradually diluted, which is the performance of our technology improvement, and also the performance of our market gradually mature. Of course, the choice is still in the hands of consumers, and should choose functional sofas and household products that meet individual needs according to their consumption habits, consumption levels, and personal preferences.

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