Cleaning Velvet Fabric Towel

Most velvet fabrics cannot be cleaned at home. Before you wash velvet towel,you must carefully read the cleaning instructions attached. If your velvet fabric has been marked [dry-clean only," never attempt to clean it yourself. Use the services of a reliable professional garment cleaner. If the fabric can be cleaned, there are some steps you must follow to ensure safe cleaning. To wash velvet,Wash it with a gentle detergent. Avoid using the washer, since gentle hand washing will be best. Similarly, avoid using the dryer, as high temperatures could damage the fabric. Do not hang dry velvet on a line, because it can leave a permanent mark on the pile. Hang dry the velvet on a padded, soft hanger. With use and cleaning, velvet can show a tendency to pill. Short threads from the fabric pile get tangled together and form small balls on the surface of the fabric. You can minimize pilling by taking care of the fabric and limiting exposure to high temperatures, wear and tear.

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