OL loaded + Mary Jane shoes confidently starting from the feet

[This site] May, so romantic and sweet season. Even if the financial tsunami did not dazzle the shrewd women, layoff rumors only make women who can't wait to hide in the crowd lose themselves. Only when women are trained in the world do they understand that even if the depression is now positive, unrivaled, it will be able to make itself even brighter in all-weather time!

The temptation to wear fashionable clothes with LANVIN red patent leather platform, plus three straps, no matter the color or style is unforgettable. The red three-dimensional flowers on the dress are absolutely echoing Mary Jane's shoes. Tempt yet elegant atmosphere!

Said Mary Jane shoes can only wear old-fashioned temperament. Blue light-coloured patent leather Mary Jane shoes create a high-heeled impression of high-heeled shoes, casual and stylish! Light-grained little suit with nostalgic full-length jeans denim shorts! Even if you and boyfriend to eat steak to enjoy the romantic atmosphere, leisure And having a stylish atmosphere must make him admire!

Workplace women's office elegance also sparked a storm of Mary Jane's fashion sneakers! The black and white spliced ​​Mary Jane shoes on the slender sashes not only effectively modifies wide feet, but also becomes more slender. Elegant little black dress, full of dynamic black and white double black dress, elegant and romantic summer sun atmosphere!

After work, I would like to go with him for a candle light dinner and enjoy the loved night! Imagination pink high heels + chiffon print dress, Mary Jane shoes to create a red and dripping impression, wide foot straps, not only modified the wide foot to get More slim and thin, and so different! Strong artistic atmosphere dress decorated with pink three-dimensional floral, elegant and sweet!

Is it still a more elegant yet stylish color than purple? Purple has been a royal color since ancient times. Like to retain the temperament of a woman in the workplace and want to wear spring breath! Just use a rich lavender-like purple to wear elegant taste! Fine fold texture coat with elegant light gray tight skirt, distribute large women Mature temperament! Purple Mary Jane shoes echoed with the top, eye-catching sewing thread has become a detailed decorative line!

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