The most "concave" style sunglasses style (Figure)

Sunglasses have always been one of the most important magic tools used by the influx people to “concave” the shape. Whether it is for color echo, or style unity, whether it is modified face, or false low-key really cool, in short, the purpose of sunglasses is no longer just to block the strong sunlight, but more stylish imprint.

In recent years, fashion bloggers all over the world have sun-dried, but there are also sunglasses worn as accessories. Let's take a look at how they use sunglasses to create a trend style!

The most "concave" style sunglasses style

Although not a standard beauty, the Swedish blogger Hanna Stefansson's outfit skill can not be underestimated, with a little bit of retro fashion sense overflowing easily. Using a mini-skirt with a black and white stripe sweater to create a relaxed early autumn flavor, a pair of good-looking white sneakers add to the youthfulness and vitality of the student's taste, but also echoes with the upper body's white stripes. Of course, the most eye-catching pair of white-rimmed sunglasses enhances immediately. The retro look of the entire Look. With the latest fashion items, it's highly recommended to use a mix of vintage or vintage accessories to create a modern retro look.

The most "concave" style sunglasses style

Chiara Ferragni, the blogger in Milan, is best at party outfits. This rare body casual street shoot dress will be full of fashion brands, shirts have a sense of drape, pants dark blue lines are very colorful, for the overall shape to bring some hot sexy. With a full beading and a pair of black sunglasses, create a star-like pull effect.

The most "concave" style sunglasses style

Zanita Morgan, an Australian blogger who has been away on holiday a few days ago, has recently been dressed as she likes. It is very relaxing and casual, but she still has a retro tone that she is good at. She uses a Hawaiian-inspired printed short-sleeved shirt with a gray skirt to make the holiday season elegant. The black and white bi-color wedge wedges at the feet have a classic sleek look. Round eyeglasses are used to highlight the vintage look. When the holiday encounters a vintage, she falls out of the old heroine in the movie.

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