Seven wolves transnational cooperation retail ERP project planning system successfully launched

On December 15, 2009, Septwolves, the Chinese garment industry leader, and ORACLE, the world's leading developer of information management software, jointly celebrated the launch of the project of planning retail retail ERP (OracleRetail) of seven wolves successfully. In May 2008, the Septwolves formally cooperated with ORACLE. With the joint efforts of ORACLE's senior consultants, Chinese consultants and Septwolves teams in ORACLE, the success of the AP (product planning) and MFP (product financial planning) Project in China's first successful online business. Septwolves retail ERP system on-line, with landmark significance. The significance lies not only in the Septwolves created a number one in China, but also the management and operation of the Septwolves will be opened up with a sophisticated management system with advanced information systems and concepts, the internal control management to international retail management standards one step closer. According to the person in charge of an enterprise project team, this software has been adopted by large enterprises in foreign countries. The basic template is similar, but in the process of implementation, the distinction should be made according to the enterprise category. At present, the Septwolves are the first two modules in China to implement this system and are now successfully launched. They have been trained. After the project goes online, from the system backstage, you can see a series of data generation and data analysis from management to sales and finance. There are a series of indicators for retail sales such as category plan, product information, orders, replenishment and shipping etc. promote. ORACLERetail system in the seven wolves mode of use is not exactly the same as an innovative model of similar projects in Western countries, is a model of extensive retail mode of retail management embedded in fine, with China's national conditions of the project. During the implementation of the project, Septwolves injected more thinking into the company's core business processes and optimized and established an infrastructure that could meet the operational needs of the current business environment and fit for the future development of the enterprise. OracleRetail system on the line is only a relatively traditional management mode with the international advanced management tools in line with the beginning, how to give full play to the advantages of this system in the follow-up management, to achieve flexibility in different business environment will be to enhance business management The key to the level. It is understood that the rest of OracleRetail and other important subsystem with the system in the future will be on-line application. Septwolves hope and ORACLE such well-known international companies in the strategic cooperation process, you can achieve their own information systems projects, management consulting projects expected goals and effectiveness, to provide insights for the rest of the industry chain to share cases.

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