Ding Dong cat clothing sponsor "Egg Wonder"

Sponsored by the Ding Dong cat children's clothing clothing sponsor, directed by Hong Kong famous director Tan Hui-ming, Xinjiang TV drama department, Xinjiang Bortala Mongolian Autonomous Prefecture Propaganda Department and Shangxian Advertising Co., Ltd. jointly produced the "egg wonder" was in December 2009 at More than 20 television stations nationwide hit. "Egg Wonder" stills "Egg Wonder" men and women roles Alfa, Tang Ximing, Chen Qian and other starring Huang, Zheng Hao, Zeng Rongsheng, Luke Dyspray and other elite child star in the play dressed in the fashion clothing by the Chinese ten Big name brand children's clothing "Ding Dong cat" sponsor. This is the first successful attempt to unleash the cat's clothing Jittery cat for the future to enter the animation industry sounded the horn of progress. It is reported that Ding Dong cat children's clothing has authorized Shanghai Aoyang Culture Communication Co., Ltd. solely responsible for the operation of the brand JX cat all the operations, the cooperation with the "Egg Wonder" is planned and operated by the Young Yang Culture Communication Company.

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