2010 men's fashion trends: men dew is not afraid

Almost all major brands showcase men's wear next spring in a variety of fashion weeks. To the surprise of women, men in the new era no longer narrow their shirts, broaden their shoulders or thin their trousers as simple as they can choose and express their fashion as women do More vivid, more complex fabrics, more diverse styles, more temperament changes. Spring 2010 men tell the public that men can not only masculine, but also can play a fragile and feminine. Exposure sexy is no longer a woman's patent, men can also "dew" out of place. Men do not always need to be low-key low-key adulation, dazzling some why not. In short, T stage men more or less realized the fashion field of "freedom and equality", in life, when men can take off the mask to express themselves through the dress arbitrary, I am afraid it is still quite a long process. Trend 1: men perspective equipment, dew point is not afraid of the female models in London Xiu Tai who wear costumes looking through the T stage when swagger, this car D & G, Calvin Klein, Dior, Ferragamo, John Galiano, Jil Sander, Prada, Roberto Cavalli's Male models are some exposed arm, and some dew top dew, as well as exposed thigh calf, loaded from the perspective of the transfiguration installed in all perspective, in short, the dew are exposed, and should not be exposed only between the first line. Trend two: continue to feminine, men also "Tube Top" Since Marc Jacobs refused to take off his skirt again, men wear skirts have been no strange. It has almost become commonplace for designers to use skirts in men's clothing, but it is still the first time to apply a tube top to a pectoral man. D & G, Etro, John Galliano, Jean Paul Gaultier launched a very feminine 2010 spring, you think it is stylish or ridiculous? Trend III: Guge fighters, adversity to fight there Jean Paul Gaultier staged " Men play women's "feminine drama, where Givenchy play on the strength of ancient Roman chest muscle fighters. Perhaps this also reflects the situation of men under the economic crisis, which needs to be fought in difficult situations like that of the ancient fighters. Trend 4: shiny men's clothing, flirtatious debut Tom Ford's Gucci, did not change course. Gucci fashion empire under the leadership of Frida Gianni, sexy voluptuous than ever. His Gucci spring / summer 2010 fashion show, using eye-catching shiny fabrics, from the fly ash to glitter, color in the men's world there is no taboo. Combined with cut stovepipe pants, so that the beauty of the male models show some unrealistic.

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