V.S2010 summer new products - to create fashion boutique to spread taste life

V.S2010 summer new charm to create fashion boutique to spread the taste of life - V.S2010 summer new charm debut VS fashion men's clothing at 12 o'clock on the December 12, 2009 was held to create a fashion boutique , Spread taste of life "theme of the 2010 summer new conference. VS is Zhongshan Fashion Goods Co., Ltd. under a fashion men's brand, its design style originated in Italy, with a distinctive European middle class fashion features. In the design concept, VS to "fashion, personality, quality of life" as the starting point, the introduction of simple Italian popular elements, highlighting the modern men's health, sunshine personality style. In the past few years, through the efforts of all members of the company, VS has won the market recognition with its stylish design, excellent quality and complete marketing network.

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