Italy's fashion sales in the lowest state in 20 years

Affected by the international financial crisis, the Italian fashion sales in 20 years the lowest state of the state, difficult to recover in the short term, well-known Italian designer said that the result of today's such a result depends largely on the government to introduce any help policy . Insider MarioBoselli is CameraNazionaledellaModa chairman, the organization jointly represented more than 200 fashion companies. He thought it was not enough for a few months to recover from the previous situation and it should be fairly realistic over the years. Italian luxury clothing reached its worst downturn since World War II. The Italian garment industry is the country's second-largest industry, but in the current financial crisis, the government did not play its own protective role. According to the Italian Federation of Trade Unions, a total of 80,000 garment industry laid-off workers, clothing and accessories sales fell by as much as 15%, the performance suffered a great impact. In the first five months of 2009, the Italian women's exports to Russia decreased by 25.3%, exports to the United States decreased by 26.8%, and exports to Switzerland and Japan decreased by 12% to 18% respectively. However, the government has not issued any help policy and has not been satisfied with the solution. Faced with accusations from businesses, the Italian Ministry of Industry declined to comment. But there are also people in the industry think this heavy blow may have a certain relationship with the previous expansion bubble.

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