RUKKA's China Olympic Complex: Seizing China to Explore the Olympic Games

RUKKA's China Olympic Complex: Seizing China to Explore the Olympic Games

In early 1952, Helsinki, the capital of Finland, was still surrounded by ice and snow. However, the high Olympic passion of the citizens seemed to melt the winter. When the 15th Olympic Games was held in Helsinki, the city had only 400,000 inhabitants. It was the smallest and least-known city among all the cities hosting the Olympic Games. However, due to the delicate organizational arrangements, the 15th Olympic Games became a successor at that time. The best session of the Olympic Games. In the eyes of the Finns advocating the Olympic spirit, if the participation of the new China with a population of 500 million people is lacking, the Olympic Games obviously lacks representativeness. Therefore, the Finns decided to abandon their Cold War mentality and invite the delegation of New China to participate in the Helsinki Olympic Games. The first appearance of New China has become a hot event of the Olympic Games. At the same time, it has also written a deep stroke of friendship for China and Finland.

In time and space switching, Beijing won the right to host the 2008 Olympic Games on July 13, 2001. When the news spread, the crowd was excited and the entire country was put into preparations for the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. At this time, a famous clothing family far away in Finland is also watching this incident, because China is the country that their founder Roger Steining has longed for. Turning back to time in 1952, the New China Olympic delegation debuted in Helsinki. There was a small "Chinese fever" in Finland. Roger Steining, who was keen on sports, saw in the newspaper, "Although we come late However, we have finally arrived. What we have brought is the desire for peace and good friendship!” (Speech by the head of the Chinese delegation during the flag-raising ceremony at the Olympic Village in Helsinki), respectfully greeted, “China Where is this? What kind of country is this? I am going to go there." Regrettably, Roger Steining’s visit to China has not been achieved due to the influence of the international political environment at that time. When the news that China won the right to host the 2008 Olympics was transmitted to Finland, they could no longer sit still. With various occasions, the main members of the family continued to lobby L-Fashion executives and strongly expressed their names for Roger Steining. The desire of the independent product brand RUKKA to launch in the Chinese market is to complete the unfulfilled wish of the founder in another way.

Roger Steining knows China because of the Olympics, and his own brand RUKKA will once again borrow the Olympics to become a member of China and take root in China. The Olympic Games is not just an athlete's Olympics. It is an arena for corporate branding. As Finland's most famous sports brand RUKKA, it quietly landed in China in March 2006. This is the first appearance of the Nordic personal high-end comprehensive sports brand. In RUKKA's view, the 2008 Olympic Games will fundamentally activate the vitality of the Chinese sports market, which will greatly stimulate the Chinese people's awareness of sports. The Chinese sports goods market will enter a period of rapid development.

When asked why RUKKA entered China in 2006, Mr Vesa Luhtanen, chairman of the board of directors of Finland’s L-Fashion Group, gave such an explanation. “The rapid development of China’s economy has created a huge middle class because of concerns about its own health. And the pursuit of quality of life, this part of the new rich has invested a lot of enthusiasm for high-end personal sports such as golf, skiing, racing, etc. This has provided a solid consumer group for RUKKA to enter China.” With the rise of high-end sports events, purely functional apparel can no longer meet the quest for a sense of spiritual belonging among the new wealthy. This fault of spiritual consumption provides a great opportunity for RUKKA to be positioned in the professional sports turret brand camp.” .

It is reported that in 2005 China's luxury goods market has reached more than US$2 billion in annual sales, accounting for 12% of global sales. China has become the world’s third-largest consumer of luxury goods. It is not difficult to see from this set of data that RUKKA is The decision to enter China was made based on the rational judgment that China's high-end market has already begun to take shape. In 2006, China will transition from an export-oriented economy to a consumer-oriented economy. Under the dual stimulation of the Chinese government’s macro-level adjustments and the Olympic economic boom, China’s sports brands will enter a new reshuffle period – the Volkswagen brand camp and the The gap between elite brand camps will further widen.

In order to seize the opportunity of the Chinese Olympics, RUKKA has made a lot of careful planning for the beach landing in China: sponsoring the Finnish national swimming team to participate in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. At that time, the team members will wear RUKKA costumes to debut in China; at the same time, they will choose to have a rich international professional sports brand. Beijing Dongxiang Sports Development Co., Ltd., an operating experience, is the sole partner in mainland China to jointly explore China’s Olympic business opportunities; in order to provide Chinese consumers with more free and more comfortable sportswear, RUKKA has set up a special design division in China. On the premise of ensuring the Scandinavian style, based on China's climate and specific parameters such as Chinese height and size, we will once again accurately design the products that will be put on the market... RUKKA interprets Scandinavian fashion with professional technology; demonstrates it with compassionate design The humanistic care for the athletes; the use of a large number of innovative high-tech environmental protection fabrics reflects the green mood of the sport. This coincides with the three major Olympic concepts of Beijing’s “Technology Olympics, People’s Olympics, and Green Olympics”. It can be said that this is also a profound insight and accumulation of RUKKA's sports, humanities, and Olympic Games for more than half a century.

RUKKA carries a series of Scandinavian-style products to take the opportunity to catch up with the 2008 Olympics, take the train for the 2008 Olympic Games, prepare for the new challenge, and present new and more professional sports enthusiasts to the world. Brand. This will also accelerate the pace of RUKKA's internationalization, step out of Europe, and at the same time expand its influence as the most influential individual high-end integrated sports brand in the world.

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