12 trendy passwords cow Meng Meng "star flavor" high heels

When we were still wearing the little shoes full of girls running in the yard, a fairy tale told us that as long as wearing a crystal shoe, Cinderella will become a princess. This story is so tempting that even the tall, fat, and thin women in the world are rushing to the beauty of noble beauty. The swift celebrity actress Niu Mengmeng became the heroine of the beautiful story of high-heeled shoes, and interprets the popular details of the most IN high-heeled shoes in 2007. Put on the most dazzling high heels - the princess will be on top!

Niu Meng Meng's star taste with intimate TIPS:

1. Practical and versatile high-heeled shoes are fashionable summer schoolgirls must do homework. Black pointed high heels and transparent glass platform shoes are the highest utilization of the two pairs of shoes!

2. Girls who like handsome dress can use 10cm high heels with stovepipe jeans, or wear shorts, short skirts with solid color knee length stockings, can make you full of style and handsome.

3. Gold and black are the two preferred colors for choosing high heels. The combination of these two colors is even more modern.

4. The more beautiful and high-heeled high-heeled shoes, the more attention should be paid to maintenance. When it is stored, it must be installed in a special shoe bag, and it is best to send it to the shoe maintenance shop for nursing care.

Creative heel

Personalized creative heel is a bright spot for the whole body to add a lot of color, Louis Vuitton oval hollow heel design can be described as a thunder, not too much to buy a collection of Oh!

Cylindrical heel

The tall column and heels, the most popular high-heeled shoe design wins because it not only has the gorgeous and indispensable sense of high-heeled shoes, but more importantly it makes the wearer feel extremely comfortable and very wild!

Metal color wedge

The slope heel is a basic model that has been popular for several years, but this year's popular gold, silver and other shiny metal color wedge design, so that the modern sense of instant improvement, with the style of clothing can also be greatly broadened.

Wedge heel

The wedge-shaped heel is an important element of this year's popular high-heeled shoes. Straw heel, bright color combination plus shorts, to create a leisurely style of vitality, giving high-heeled shoes with a new temperament.

Precious stones

Shining crystal gemstones are the icing on the heels of high-heeled shoes. For high-heeled shoes, the gemstones are no longer a decoration, but they are generously decorated to add extra grace.

Shiny material

With a special treatment of dazzling dazzling material, there is a sense of luxury like snakeskin to make you the focus of the party. The pointed design enhances the noble temperament of the shoes and is the perfect partner for the mini dress.

Black patent leather

The patent leather is the most practical and versatile material for high heel shoes this fall. The elegant design of the fish's beak and the medium-to-thick leather are particularly appealing because of the combination of black patent leather material. Even with business-like dresses, they are just as charming. .

After dazzling

The design of the upper is also particularly valued, and the metal material covered with rhinestones is quite dazzling. The combination of purple ribbons and slender heel design on the soles of the feet gives a noble sense of excitement and fascination is the most gorgeous turnaround. .

Built-in water station

The design of the built-in water platform makes it possible to wear high-heeled shoes that are comfortable to wear. The thick and medium-heeled design also makes it possible to walk steadily. It is the most unmissable high-heeled shoe design. The small round head design with golden and black gorgeous color combination, lovely and wild style, it is no wonder that Niu Meng Meng's favorite choice.

Slim straps

The slender tying strap design is the most prominent and charming leg line, and the style is very varied, with a sexy high-heeled enchanting high-heeled, with the slope is handsome pressing, is the influx of people can not miss.

Stitching material

The sequined design and the black velvet fabric splicing make the high-heeled shoes both beautiful and elegant, making the choice of clothing more extensive. The splicing of leather and PVC textures is also a popular element in high heel design.

Sexy T word

The T-strap design on the foot allows the foot to appear slender and visually stretch the leg lines, making it particularly popular with short girls. It is also a good choice to add metallic sequins on the T-belt.

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