French elegant fashion brand STDupont Taipei flagship store opened

French elegant fashion brand STDupont Taipei flagship store opened

On December 7th, French elegant fashion brand STDupont held a flagship store opening ceremony at Taipei 101 Shopping Center and a limited series of products - the Versailles Versailles series was launched. Special invitation was given to the royal nobleman Li Wei and the fashion supermodel Lin Linli to cut the ribbon. The opening of the first STDupont flagship store in Taiwan Province added to the Starlight.

Plastic Zipper(Resin Zipper, Vislon Zipper, Delrin Zipper)

Plastic zipper is a zipper, plastic teeth with polyester rice by color and by dye injection molding machine drain out.


According to the material zipper, zipper into three categories: Metal Zipper, Nylon Zipper, Plastic zipper. Metal zipper teeth is made of copper or aluminum row by row of teeth out of the machine, nylon zipper teeth are made of nylon monofilament wound centerline composition by heating the die, the plastic is a polyester plastic zipper teeth by dye color and through rice injection molding machine out of the row.
pouch plastic zipper
Plastic zipper can be divided by species:
1, closed-end zipper
2, open-end zipper (about interpolation)
3, two closed-end zipper (X or O)
4, double open end zipper (about interpolation)

Plastic zipper components
1. tape tape made of cotton yarn, chemical fiber or mixed fiber woven into a flexible belt for carrying chain zipper teeth and other components;
2. ribbed edge bead cloth belt used to carry the reinforcing part of metal or plastic fastener elements;
3. tendons rope rope rope middle finger ribbed by a multi-strand fiber composition;
4. refers to the element scoops metals, plastics and other materials were processed through a shaped teeth;
5. SMIC line filler cord is processed by multi-strand fiber cable made of nylon fastener chain for the production of rope;
6. The tooth chain chain refers to the teeth are arranged in a row;
7. The fastener stringer one side zipper chain chain teeth fixed in a cloth belt, said fastener stringer;
8. The chain belt on both sides of the zipper chain from engaging fastener stringer chain belt;
9. TDC top stop fixed to the fastener chain belt fastener chain pull timely limiting slider stopper slide fastener chain belt;
10. The next stop is fixed to the bottom stop tooth chain belt, limiting the slider when the slide fastener stringer chain teeth pulled, and so both sides of the fastener stringer can not be completely separated from the stopper;
11. The front and rear portions of the element does not take the lead tape, said the lead on Back & forth head tape zipper, the only side to take the lead before the next stop after the end of the lead;
12. The cannula (also called latches) pin separable fixed in the open end of the end of the zipper, for completely separate tubular member chain belt;
13. The outlet box retainer secured to the end of the zipper open end, entirely separate block member for chain belt;
14. The double open end stops at one kind of the cannula with two pin for the tubular member profile zipper on double open end;
15. Strengthening tape strengthened tape for enhanced intubation, sockets and tape bonding strength, improve the life of the fastener composite sheet;
16. The slider slider moving part and pull the chain engaging teeth;
17. The puller is a component of the pull-tab slider, which can be designed into a variety of geometric shapes and the slider body coupling or through middleware and the slider body coupling realize zipper closure;
18. The intermediate coupling member coupling the connecter of the slider body and the pull tab of the intermediate member;

Plastic zipper features
1. Resin zipper can be used in all kinds of occasions, but generally prefer to use in clothing pockets.
2. The common fastener head is painted, sometimes used plating.
3. acetal copolymer resin zipper is the main material, the cost of one nylon zipper and metal zipper in the middle, kind of zipper durability than metal zipper and nylon zipper good.

Plastic zipper choice
1, must be closely linked to the microphone on the microphone clamp tooth or teeth, must ensure that its robust and down a perfect ending.
2, resin zipper slider options: modeling resin zipper pull more, finished either small detail to be rough magnificent. But no matter what kind of slider, slider have to feel comfortable pull start whether, or not on the zipper pull Bulong phenomenon will not occur. Now available in the market resin slider comes with self-locking device, so after zip, get after the next test whether the lock fixed zipper will slide down.
3, tape selection: As raw material resin zipper tape is polyester yarn, thread, SMIC and other different types of silk thread, whose components have different coloring, so on the same color zipper prone in this case when you select to choose even dyeing cloth tape, no turbidity point, cloth made with different fabrics are soft to the touch-based.
4. Select the microphone teeth: resin zipper teeth are also metal plating color microphone, so care must be taken when choosing color plated surface is uniform, there is no phenomenon of flower color, is smooth zipper pull up and down. Zipper pull together, you must observe about whether teeth are meshing with each other, asymmetrical zipper teeth will certainly affect the use of the zipper.

Plastic Zipper

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