AEIGAR Iga brand women's 07 autumn and winter orders will be a complete success

With a simple, stylish and elegant design philosophy, with the theme of Western trends and personality, combined with the characteristics of Eastern Women, carefully build a 25-35-year-old urban women's personalized women's brand. Since the "AEIGAR" fashion women's brand has been introduced into the market, it has always adhered to the model of franchising and self-operating chain to develop the market. It has successively established outlets in Guangzhou, Shenzhen and the mainland's primary market, and has now covered most of the country's markets.

Pure feminization, professional leisure; express cultural connotation in fashion, reflecting the elegant temperament and professional characteristics of urban women. Get into the workplace, go to a party, noble and relaxed. In addition to demanding novel fashion, the requirements for its quality and performance are also extremely high. In the main color, the color tends to be neutral, soft and elegant, in line with the subtle, reserved temperament of less mature women. In addition, a small amount of bright colors are used as auxiliary colors to play a decorative and decorative role.
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