Beach hot romance half an hour magic weight

Refreshing sea water, bright sunshine and fresh sea breeze are calling to you. Although you are already eager to try it, you are still hesitant to be dissatisfied with your body. In fact, as long as 30 minutes of exercise every day, you can have the perfect body displayed on the beach in the sun. If you don’t believe it, try it.

Practice site: back, triceps, lower abdomen

Feet on both feet, legs apart and shoulder width, upper body lying in a large chair without a handle, arms straight, hands holding a 4 to 10 pound medicine ball, raised above the head. Over the head, slowly lower the medicine ball until the arm is parallel to the floor. Hold the posture for 3 seconds, then raise the medicine ball over the head and repeat the movement 10 to 12 times. Note that the arm must be straight during the entire process.

Push-up exercises

Exercise area: arm, chest, shoulder, triceps

Lean over the fitness blanket and lean over your shoulders, palms down on the shoulders. Using the toes and hands as the fulcrum, slowly hold the body up until the boom and arm are at 90 degrees and the body is parallel to the ground. Hold it for 1 second, relax, and return to the starting position. Take a rest for 2 seconds, then use your toes and your hands as the fulcrum to support your body. This time completely stretch your arms. Complete the above 2 actions into 1 group and complete 6 to 10 groups each time.

Back stretching exercises

Practice site: back, lower abdomen

Lean over the fitness ball so that the chest and lower abdomen rest on the fitness ball. The arm is bent and is in line with the head. The hands are behind the head and the legs are together and straight. The toes touch the ground. With the lower abdomen and thighs as the fulcrum, slowly straighten your upper body upward until the back can no longer bend backwards. Hold your posture for 2 seconds, then relax and repeat 10 times. When doing this, pay attention to balance. If it is difficult to complete, you can practise on a fixed object with both feet.

One leg lunge practice

Practice site: quadriceps, ligaments, thigh muscles

Put a fitness ball on the ground, facing the fitness ball, and stand a good distance from it. Raise your right foot and use your toes to grab the top of the fitness ball. After adjusting the balance, lower the body's center of gravity while bending the left leg until the left thigh and lower leg are at an angle of 90 degrees. Hold the position for 2 seconds. Then repeat the left leg. Each of the two legs is a group of 10 to 12 groups each time. If you can easily complete this set of moves, you can also increase the exercise intensity by holding a dumbbell in each hand.

Alternately practicing

Practice site: ligaments

The body is standing upright, and the front feet of the feet are on a step. One hand holds the handle or fixed object to keep the body in balance. Slightly bend your left leg to lift the heel of your left foot and transfer your center of gravity to your right foot. Then straighten your left leg and bend your right leg. Slowly accelerate the left and right foot alternately after the maneuvers are skillful, and after reaching 50 steps per minute, maintain this speed for 3 minutes.

Swing exercise

Practice site: lower abdomen, back, buttocks, thighs

Keep your arms and shoulders wide apart and keep your hands together. Separate your feet slightly from shoulder to shoulder and place on the fitness ball so that the entire body is parallel to the ground. Then toe hard, hook the fitness ball, use the strength of the hips and waist to make the fitness ball rolling to the left, while tightening the lower abdomen, the upper body remains motionless. Then return to starting position, take a rest for 2 seconds, and move the fitness ball to the right side. The left and right movements are completed once as a group. 10-12 sets of exercises are completed each time.

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