AZONA Light Mature Woman's Blooming and Elegant Temperament

In the fall of 2007, AZONA strives to create a feminine and feminine charm, while at the same time providing you with a stylish lifestyle. Gentle blue-pink, warm peach color, and calm brown color are still elegant. Coral stone, rice white, khaki and other rich natural colors and exquisite designs make this autumn colorful. Those bright yellow, blue, green, and bright purple with vitality and beauty are without doubt becoming the focus, giving a bit of bleakness.

AZONA 优雅女人的品味生活

Simple and natural 100% lambskin leather jacket, easy to carry narrow-leg pants, stylish and elegant cashmere sweater, elegant and romantic pure wool coat, minimalist round neck shirt, a touch of refreshing sexy taste. Small jackets, dresses and simple blouses bring sweetness and warmth in this refreshing season, interpreting this year's new sporting mix and style. Close-fitting design and exquisite tailoring depict the woman's tenderness and ingenuity, highlighting body lines between movements and statics, and interpreting women's dignity in its unique way. The style is elegant, delicate and detailed with the latest popular fabrics from Europe and Japan, so that women have recovered the mysterious and long-lost sex.

This season's ambiguous and changeable style of AZONA allows you to enjoy the appearance of Miao Man who is full of autumn. Like a lady's revolution, it becomes the favorite of professional women gracefully.

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