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Founded in Spain in 1962, it was jointly founded by MANUEL and JOAQUIN SAEZ MERINO, and gave the LOIS brand a special meaning. As a pioneer to bring jeans to Spain, LOIS is a professional denim manufacturer from design, weaving, dyeing, manufacturing, and sales. The success of LOIS is attributed to the use of concepts and trademarks behind the product. The "LOIS" trademarked by the Bulls is just like Spain's national technology - bullfighting. It is regarded as Spain's national treasure brand, and the spirit of "LOIS" is also like bullfighting. The pursuit of goals, march forward courageously, ss struggle, exhaustion, and death. In the 1970s, the LOIS brand was named one of the four largest in the world by world famous magazines such as Financial Times, Fortune and Europe, and the first jeans brand in Europe.

Today's LOIS has dozens of designers and hundreds of products are introduced every season. The design style is more international and personalized. It has broken through the inherent image of cowboys and has become a hot brand for young people in Europe. Its brand footprint has spread across five continents and more than 70 countries. Details enter: http://

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