“Easterly Yisuo” brand women's wear in June Chengdu Chengdu Investment Promotion Association

"Easterly" originates from the European fashion women's brand. It uses Spain's passionate and open culture as the carrier to interpret the human pursuit of fashion, happiness, health and beauty, and advocates the concept of human beings living on an equal and harmonious life. With the world-renowned "Aesop's Fables" as its background, and with its rich oriental culture as its background, it tells the story of an ancient civilization. It is like a pearl in the long river of human history. "Easterly" is a brand that perfectly integrates the culture and fashion elements of the world. “Easterly” brand is not only about clothing, but about people’s self-confidence and beauty. The promotion is not only about style, but also more about a lifestyle, a concept of dress, a program, a franchise. Planning and services. The promotion of franchising methods gives consumers greater convenience in purchasing and premium services.
“Enemy is a trendy style with glamour, and Iso is a fascinating trend”, and the “Easterly Isolation” brand, which leads contemporary women’s fashion personality, will stage a “Fun Summer” investment and ordering feast in Chengdu in June 2008. It will bring new feelings to the fashion world and welcome friends from the fashion industry to visit.

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