How to wear heels more healthy

According to scientific claims, the invention of high heels does not conform to human body mechanics. She deliberately carried out the necessary distortions to create a beautiful line. Wearing high heels for a long time will cause some damage to the feet and deform the feet over time. But in order to be beautiful, everyone is still desperate to like it. Therefore, it is necessary to learn how to wear it properly to be both beautiful and less harmful. Here are a few tips for you:

1, heels should not be too high, it is best not more than 6 cm. In addition, the heel should not be too thin, otherwise it is difficult to support the weight stably, and the toe is slightly loose, giving the feet and toes a little more space. Do not wear high heels of the same height at all times to prevent the feet from being squeezed at the same place.

2, women need to walk for a long time, may wish to prepare a pair of comfortable flat shoes in the office, and wear high heels alternately to reduce local fatigue. After returning home from work, let your feet soak in warm water for at least 5 minutes to relax your feet. When walking in high heels, you should raise your chest and abdomen. Naturally, you should walk steadily. You shouldn't hunch or hunchback.

3, usually pay more attention to the maintenance of the foot, to develop the habit of hot feet, and massage properly. It is best not to wear leather shoes barefoot, this will hurt the skin of the feet.

4, when wearing pointed high-heeled shoes, pay attention to time to activity toes, so you can ease it, to prevent the same part of the excessive compression.

5, buy new high heels must be a little tight, not too much, otherwise it will cause sprains because heels do not fit the feet, or because the feet and blisters. Wearing new shoes must have a certain period of running-in, so new high-heeled shoes should not be worn for a long time at first. It is best to leave home for a while before going out to wear. When wearing new shoes, you can stick a band-aid on the heel, or buy a leather heel sticker. Xiao Bian also heard that using alcohol to put the heel of the heel on it and wear it overnight, the heel will become softer.

6, many women wearing shoes with more than 6CM will feel that the front heel will hurt. Therefore, in the purchase of high-heeled shoes, we must choose the soles, not too thin, and need more soft shoes, if it really hurts, you can buy a few front heel insole, so it will be comfortable to walk a lot. If it is a heel, buy a heel pad.
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