Fashion pearls bloom warm and beautiful (Figure)

With the continuous development of fashion trends, pearl jewelry is no longer the pearl of the grandmother's time, changed its noble and elegant tradition, through the whimsical ideas of fashion designers, back to the trend. Under the wave of mashups, pearls can also be modern, personal, and so changeable and rich in pop style, both to show fresh and sweet fashion style, but also to show a neat and elegant metropolis image.

Although pearls are not as embarrassing as diamonds, the femininity and nobleness that they bring to women can not be underestimated. Today, major brands compete to introduce fashionable and novel pearl jewellery and become gorgeous jewelry favored by beautiful stars.

Betsey Johnson Pearl Flower Ring

Kate Spade Pearl Necklace

Kate Spade Pearl Street Necklace

Ugo Cacciatori Pearl Ring

Assad Mounser Nomad Red Collar

Venessa ARIZAGA Time Sea Necklace

Betsey Johnson Pearl Charms Bracelet

Betsey Johnson pearl bracelet

Kenneth Cole with Pearl Bracelet

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