Accessories and fashion perfect mix and match show

All rights reserved Without written permission may not be reproduced Executive & planning / Miao Qiang text / ball photography / Zhang Hao makeup / Chen Xuan clothing assistant / Old Gong model / small black Yang Shanshan large volume of jewelry is the popular summer, choose different styles of other Mix with a single product, so that with a visual impact jewelry has a variety of shapes! (Left) A vibrant, vibrant outfit with crystal pendant bracelets and diamond ring enhances the romantic sparkle. Striped halter top / Fornarina890 yuan, shorts / PAT RIZIA PEPE new pricing, flash diamond ring / PILG RIM 980 yuan, broken bracelet / SWAROVSKI new pricing. (Right) Unisex style bracelet demonstrates skillful temperament, with the exquisite craft ring without losing the elegant dress. Dot pattern dress / MANGO 499 yuan, multi-faceted metal ring / Oxette 1390 yuan, steel bracelet Oxette 1265 yuan, earrings Oxette 1164 yuan, heart pendant necklace / Oxette 1385 yuan.

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