A duo Endorsement of the show "magic very" underwear

When asked A Duo, "so good body, why wear plastic underwear, " she said: "In fact, good body, one third is born seven by hard work, not hard to maintain, the body still will be aliased." Duo also pointed out that she most like "magical quite" massage effect, "Breathing side of the chest fluctuations, can effectively promote the metabolism of the breast, wear 1 minute, equivalent to 20 massage, so the more the chest to wear Ting, more and more beautiful .

Chest massage every day

A duo with the perfect chest curve also has great experience for the beautiful chest. She said daily chest massage is very important. After the chest has been stereotyped, with daily maintenance of the skin care products for massage, to prevent thoracic expansion, drooping and increase firmness, will be very effective.

She also pointed out that to master some massage techniques, use the left hand to push the left chest inward, the right hand is to pull the left chest up, the other side of the chest and so on to execute, so that one hand focused on the concentration of one hand emphasizes the promotion, You can effectively beautify the chest type: and then take turns with both hands from the outer side of the chest and pushing upwards, which can effectively prevent the chest from sagging.

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