Efforts to build women's health aircraft Iraqi bamboo fiber underwear online direct marketing

Wuhan Yiyuan Tang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive health products, biotech products research and development, production and sales enterprises, she focused on the beautiful women's career, the company launched the nest of the An element of the capsule, once listed in major cities Aroused the crazy pursuit of women, a product of the Church has been fully recognized the quality of its brand effect has been rooted in the hearts of the people.
Yuen Tong Church will be fully committed to creating a female aircraft carrier and dedicated the majority of women's beautiful career services!

Iraq's bamboo fiber women Yangyin underwear effect
1, sterilization: natural antibacterial fabric of the 21st century, no drugs to keep the bacteria away from the women's secret garden, flowers tender and beautiful.
2, anti-inflammatory: quickly relieve swelling, itching, smell, to the female secret garden bring the sun of nature, quickly eliminate inflammation.
3, Yin: anion to enhance immune capacity, activation of cells, for the female secret garden to create a natural forest, healthier and more lasting.
4, Warm Palace: Far Infrared, such as the warm little sun, every few days that no longer have trouble, the winter is no longer a cold beauty.
5, fresh: the rapid elimination of leucorrhea odor, more breathable, cool and refreshing every day.
6, bodybuilding: to enhance the resistance of women, natural nutrition, healthier and more beautiful.
7, body sculpting: France three-dimensional cut, far-infrared heat fat, waist and abdomen, body sculpting more comfortable and easier.
8, skin beauty: natural skin moisturizing the skin, eliminate free radicals, delaying skin aging.
9, detoxification: my panties will breathe, detoxification every day is easy.

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