Antibacterial finishing agent SCJ-875

Antibacterial finishing agent SCJ-875

Antibacterial finishing agent SCJ-875

  Structure or component     a cationic polymer compound having a reactive group and an organic nitrogen structure, wherein the organic nitrogen structure is

      NH ⊕ NH 2

                   ‖      ‖

   —— R 1 C C R 2 ——


Traits and specifications           Exterior         Pale yellow transparent liquid

PH value 6-7

                        Specific gravity 1.02 ( 20 °C )

                         Ionicity       cation

                         Solubility      Soluble in water, alcohol

Use and application method    "Physical antibacterial", Applicable to all kinds of fibers, giving the fabric a good antibacterial effect, mainly used for antibacterial hygiene finishing of various textiles such as underwear, underwear, socks, bath towels, bed sheets, wool carpets, decorative fabrics, etc. Can be used in the same bath as the softener.

1. Padding method: fabric - > padding (rolling rate 75% SCJ-875 20-50g/L ) - > drying ( 70~100 °C × 3~6min )                  — > Bake ( 120-140 °C × 30-60s ) - > Finished product.

2. Impregnation method: antibacterial agent SCJ-875: 1-4% owf bath ratio: 1 : 10-15, temperature 50~60 °C

           Fabric → impregnation → dehydration → drying ( 80~110 °C )

    Packed and stored in 25Kg plastic drums. Store in a cool warehouse for one year.

[China Antibacterial Fabric Network ]

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