Winter warm cotton dress with warmth

The arrival of autumn and winter, the mothers have to give their babies thick autumn and winter installed, you want to fashion and warm clothing? Do you want to get out of the street Then let me take a look at Zhuowei Le children's winter warm dress, small face warm heart with, let you put it down. Photo credit: Zhuowei Le children's clothing 2013 winter new winter what kind of fabric suitable for children? This dark green cotton dress, burlap fabric style, personality ivory button hooded design both children innocence, but also allow children to keep warm, a winter scarf grooming, more handsome plus points. Photo credit: CHUVOLE Kids Winter 2013 new bright leather style, has been popular with the public since the beginning of the popular, this bright leather down jacket, stitching black coffee, a darker mix, in winter is very suitable for children's wear , Deep bright color can not only reflect its light, but also allow children to more dazzling.

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