Angelababy endorsement women's brand b + ab 2013 autumn and winter advertising blockbuster

b + ab 2013 autumn and winter series of ad broadcaster! Shot by Angelababy again sexy endorsement! This is her sixth fashion collaboration with the brand design fashion, Angelababy continue to add in the design of their favorite popular elements, colorful dress up, interpretation of the candy world. In the advertisement she wore a blue wig she not only show long legs, more exposed career line, both sexy and full of vitality.

Angelababy代言女装品牌b+ab 2013秋冬广告大片

b + ab 2013 autumn and winter series:

Fashion Line

This season's Fashion Line is inspired by the fairy tale kingdom that every girl dreams of. The theme is "Tea in the woods," which means the party in the forest. Designers are reminiscent of the fairy tale kingdom, Animals together in the forest to open a grand party. Designers in the season Fashion Line fairy tale themes created a series of abstract designs, including houses made of bread, colorful desserts for graphics. In order to create a thicker forest atmosphere, the entire series is full of vivid cheetah, zebra, tiger, white rabbit and squirrel, and other animal patterns, and then with different fashion design such as elegant and practical coat, jacket and knitted fabric combined with simple With solid color accessories, you can show personal style.

Angelababy代言女装品牌b+ab 2013秋冬广告大片

Jeans Line

This season Jeans Line has two themes, namely "Rose Beauty" and "Monster Treasure Hunt". As the name implies, "Rose" is of course an indispensable design element in the design. The Jeans Line series is infused with a large number of rose motifs, knitted jackets with national rose motifs, simple and crisp denim shirts and close-fitting jeans , Can easily create a very beautiful image of women, like the flower Queen Rose prominent. In order to neutralize the feminine beauty of the series and to enhance the sense of style, designers also clever use of patch-work, metal nail nails in clothing details, to create rigid and supple side. In addition to its magnificent floral motifs and pattern designs, the collection adds even more to the very popular plaid pattern this season, regardless of shirt, knitwear, dresses or lower body style. In addition to roses, the Jeans Line will bring you to a thrilling treasure hunt this fall and winter. In addition, stars and eye patterns are also key design concepts in this series, just as the treasure hunters continue to lead the treasure hunt. To the real treasure place!

Angelababy代言女装品牌b+ab 2013秋冬广告大片

Rouge Collection

Autumn and winter Rouge Collection design concept for "Allure of the sea", Chinese refers to "deep sea charm", inspired by the French poetry and love stories often appear in the sea. Series to dark blue and black-based tune, disseminating the mysterious charm of women. Rouge Collection has always given people the feeling of elegance and romance, focusing on fabric matching and emphasizing the texture, together with high-quality tailoring to create the most beautiful side of women. Designers get the design inspiration from the ocean vortex, the use of fine "hanging hairs" knitting method of combining different colors to form a variety of patterns, like the intertwined sea water whirlpool as moving. The mirror reflection of the sea also inspired designers to join the series of metal elements, design a series of dazzling costumes on the sea.

Knit Fabric

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