Chu Court TRUGIRL simple style: white shirt + personalized printing

Solid white shirt has always been out of the wild single product, simple fashion, greatly to the temperament plus points. In the solid color shirt, into the personality of the large print, the overall fashion effect and show another style, unique and unique.

For large prints, the TR Pavilion summer design, the choice of character, or representative of the main animal-based patterns, playful little cute, fresh and pleasant.

Chu Pavilion TRUGIRL single product design, eye-catching figures printed into patterns, integrated into the personality of animal patterns, are like a gorgeous feast of revolution, so that the youth of the mysterious baroque retro sparkle.


So, fashion looks at you. Start Chu Court TRUGIRL minimalist school, white shirt + personalized printing, subversion of self more beautiful Icon pursuit.

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Bread bin Set

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