How to dress with summer late autumn? How to dress early fall? Karen Poetry Women Weapon for you

The weather in August is still hot, but will gradually usher in a cold autumn early autumn rainy season, then the late fall and early summer when we should be how to dress with it? How to dress up in the early autumn season is more stylish look good? Next by Karen shen Karen Poetry ladies to support you a few moves, let's have a look!

凯伦诗 - karen shen

After the autumn season, according to the solar term is already considered to fall, but the weather is still hot, so when we wear or take cool summer-based, like Karen poetry this summer is pretty good , Light and breathable chiffon fabric is very cool and comfortable to wear and feminine, and the elements of the printing is even more exaggerated sense of refinement, like the sister paper may wish to try.

夏末秋初如何穿衣搭配?  早秋怎么穿衣搭配?  凯伦诗女装为你支招

Wait until the weather a little cooler, it is time to wear a small jacket, and a small suit jacket is the most appropriate, such as this model body is good, self-cultivation version coupled with neat cut, giving the impression Very simple and generous and straightforward, stitching color design is added a bit more fashion sense, wearing a black T-shirt to wear together, the overall look gives the impression that it is elegant and capable Oh!

夏末秋初如何穿衣搭配?  早秋怎么穿衣搭配?  凯伦诗女装为你支招

And so into the fall, we can put the sleeve suit to long-sleeved suit jacket, such as Karen Poe's white suit suit is a good choice, elegant white gives the feeling is very simple and elegant, and suits Let you avoid the troubles with, and then wear a black shirt together to wear, the overall look gives the impression that it is also very elegant and capable, it is suitable for workplace OL wearing a ride Oh!

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