Underwear with sweet Lolita vs sexy charming Royal sister underwear with the style you prefer

Underwear is the girl's most intimate partner, Xiaobian seems delicate and beautiful underwear more important than the coat, it can not only shape for you, but also to help you enhance a woman's self-confidence temperament, distributed from the inside out come out. However, different styles of underwear, wear style is not the same, then sweet loli and sexy Royal Sister Van underwear how to choose style? Which of these two styles of underwear collocation you prefer that?


Pink underwear makes you feel younger, very young girl's feeling. Black lace trimming the outline of the design becomes full and delicate, highlights the sense of line, 3/4 of the surrounding chest so plump, so a Japanese sweet style underwear is very suitable for Lolita to wear, let you Easily have a small fresh STYLE.

内衣搭配 甜美萝莉vs性感妩媚御姐内衣搭配 你更喜欢那种风格

Sexy Royal Sister fan how you can less a leopard series of underwear it? This stylish and sexy lingerie, full of tension leopard print and black background, very ambitious and full of temptation. A seamless trace cut palm-shaped cup gently hold up the chest, high bowl slowly thickening within the cup support, side collection, gather magic.

Photo Source: Cha twroad love brand underwear

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