"Problem body" piercing bikini boldly

Summer beach, the dance of the sun, a beautiful swimsuit and the perfect figure is the most striking focus - men appreciate, women yearn. Swimsuit and sexy are like twins and sisters, plump boobs with sultry eyes, even if the "Princess Taiping" will also be full of gestures to show their infinite or limited sexy. But the body should wear a perfect swimsuit, foreign actress to be thin before the slimming wear, news of domestic actresses wearing swimwear, mostly inseparable from the "challenge" word. So, what kind of swimsuit will you choose? May wish to learn from the stars. Chest MM: how to wear peach temptation? Who says only the big chest to wear bikini? ! Bikini is not a plump woman's patent, see more rough women, small chest MM is like a summer dish, more refreshing and delicious. In fact, Hollywood also has "airports", but they are also triumphant, chest wearing exposed swimwear. Do not worry, just tell yourself confidently: It's my peacetime now!

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